12 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 [January 2023]

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Are you looking for the best Minecraft seeds for PS4? Here’s a list for you. You can enter seed codes to enter a Minecraft world of your choice. Create a new world and experience what you want most in the game. You can add loot, desert temples, zombie villages, and other great things to explore.

So let’s get down to some of the best Minecraft PS4 seeds to start your new world and experience all the amazing possibilities of one of the best cross-platform games!

Minecraft seeds PS4 list

Watered Down

Seed: 1408425816

If you’re looking to recreate the likes of Waterworld with Kevin Costner, this in-game seed might be your best bet. This is one of the best Minecraft PS4 seeds. The entire world seems to revolve around a cluster of islands, with more oceans than anything else.

When explored fully, this Minecraft seed for PS4 does offer a few ocean monuments that may be useful. Underwater construction would be ideal here. You have to be careful though!

Group Together!

Seed: -126880078651571709

In this seed, you will find an area with different biomes close to one another, so you will find a little bit of everything to explore. Additionally, players will find a large hole in the ground close to the spawn point.

This seed aims to start a colony within the tunnels and explore the world from there. When you play this Minecraft seed on your PS4, you will often find yourself in a world filled with animals.

Each biome offers a unique experience. There are so many differences between the snow biome and the jungle biome.

Island Ahoy!

Seed: -2109231493

In this seed, you will find almost every biome available in Minecraft, from snowy mountainous areas to ravines, a desert, and of course a large aquatic biome. If you want a taste of what Minecraft has to offer as an overall gaming experience then this seed is definitely one you should try on your PS4 console!

Mesa Biome and Village at Spawn

Seed: 2109369554

This seed allows you to start pretty close to a village. In addition to setting you up well with iron armor and swords in a blacksmith shop, Observe the different biomes, including forest and desert, as you move away from the village.

Digging straight down 114,12,-463 will reveal eight diamonds waiting to be mined. This seed video tells you more about it. Those who own a PS4 can try out this seed without a problem.

Badlands village

Seed: 047516539007811

This seed seems ideal for mining enthusiasts. Try to strike gold among other riches in the grand mesa and dig deep into heaps of vast lands.

There are tons of things to be found here, and these things always deliver more than you expected. When you’re here, stop by the village and build something.

Welcome to my Crib

Seed: -1895633766085719173

You’ll be captivated by the giant mansion in the middle of nowhere as soon as you spawn here. It looks interesting enough to explore, and it is. It is home to a lot of monsters who have made it their home. If you decide to intrude on their territory, be prepared to fight.

There’s a lot of diversity about the seed, which will become apparent as you explore. If you plan to storm the mansion, get the weapons early on.

World Size Classic

Seed: 3068013306078013531

It can be not very interesting to load a new world sometimes. The wood, sheep for the bed, wood again, and cobblestone is what you need. You can’t start the game until you’re really ready.

You may also use this seed to bypass the usual safety of the first-day setup by looting up the village to the east before venturing west to the woodland mansion and dying, probably.

Shipwreck, Witch Hut, and Swamp Biome

Seed: 2379729

Spawn near a resource-filled place that lies between a Shipwreck, a Witch Hut, and a Swamp. These things seem like a lot, but there is much more. There are a couple of villages with three blacksmiths each.

This seed is rich in resources, and you can build and create fantasy from it. Go beyond your imagination’s limits and push yourself to your limits.

Survival Island

Seed Code: 2109231493

Everybody loves a good old survival island spawn. Survival Island is a great seed for anyone looking for a survival challenge.

In the beginning, you spawn on a relatively small island with a few trees to help you get the gear you need. You can find a monument on the southern end of the island, next to sugar cane fields, which you can use to gain resources for your game.


Seed: -5666551529492867

Is there anything better than having a village and a water temple right next to each other? This Minecraft seed will give you unlimited loot.

You will never lose your sense of direction as everything is close by from your spawn point. So, you can get straight to work.

Welcome to my Crib

Seed: -1895633766085719173

The first thing you notice when you spawn here is the giant mansion in the middle of nowhere. Theoretically, it is interesting enough to explore.

When you start exploring the seed, you will see a great deal of diversity. If you plan to storm the mansion, get some weapons as soon as possible.

You will be invading the territory of many monsters, so be prepared for a fight when you enter. This is definitely among the best Minecraft PS4 seeds out there!

Perfect Starter Seed

Seed: -192557461039094

For a proper Minecraft adventure, this seed is a great place to begin. There is a village north of the spawn and a desert temple northwest of it.

Keeping these items close at hand will make it easier to start a farm and store items. Food and building supplies are available nearby, as a forest is full of mushrooms.

Also, if you want to build some epic landmarks, you have many tall hills to choose from.

The Village, Temple, and Ravine Seed< span >

Seed: 194699705

The Temple and Ravine seed will land you near a temple that contains useful loot. When you move away from the temple, you will also come across a ravine right in the middle of the desert biome.

Though the ravine is dangerous, you can still find a few valuable minerals if you keep looking. There’s also a village with a few more resources to assist you with your Minecraft game in the desert biome.

Lush Cave Mountain

Seed: -1058557249

The player spawns on the top of a mountain with a large, exposed cave opening. This location is rare and beautiful in many ways. You don’t have to dig down. Instead, you can use the seed to enter the cave biome.

This spot can be used to make a base. If you decide to go in, you will find that a large portion of the cave is underwater and you will be greeted by a variety of sea mobs. This cave opening is a great place to fish.

Rare Stronghold

Seed: -284175251

Minecraft speedrunners might find this seed to be very useful. The cave entrance that leads to the stronghold at 149, 70, 1499 is easily found as soon as you spawn on this world.

You can find six magical books in the stronghold’s two libraries. Furthermore, it already has five eyes of Ender installed, so your hunt for Endermen can be a bit relaxed.

This concludes the list of our picks for the best Minecraft seeds PS4 edition! Stay tuned though, as we will keep adding more Minecraft PS4 seeds in the future.

Desert Temple in the Middle of the Ocean


One of the most fascinating structures in Minecraft is the desert temples. They offer great loot, free TNT, and one of the most clever death traps in Minecraft. These structures have been found in many desert biomes throughout the game over the years. This seed is a change. It creates a temple from a desert, which is an extraordinary event in itself.


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