8 Amazing Minecraft Witch House Ideas

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You can’t put surprising creativity and thoughtful imaginations apart from the Minecraft world. The game brings you limitless creative patterns and notions which make you stuck thinking about where to kick it. 

Here are some incredible witch house ideas to get you started on your next Minecraft project.

From a simple single-story house to sprawling fantastical creatures with modern designs, you’ll get every idea to craft your dreamy Minecraft witch house.

Fairy Witch Tiny House

Check out this tutorial by Kelpie The Fox if you’re looking for a small beautiful fairy witch house with a chimney. It features a tiny house of grey stone walls and a sloping roof with dark oak stairs. To ensure a spectacular front show, it has bright lanterns hanging over two dark glass pane windows and an item frame over a wooden door. 

Its beauty lies in beautiful multicolor flowers on Purple terracotta blocks framed with a spruce trapdoor.  At the back of the house is a small garden of many beautiful flowers, bordered with deep oak planks and small fences.

Fantastic Cute Witch House

Interested in building a witch house that uses some unique techniques? Check out this design by PlatinumThief. It brings you a large building of dark slate bricks with iron bars fitted in the mid brightened up by the campfire and some lanterns framed inside an oak trapdoor.

The cute little linked room presents a fantastic view with a bluish ceiling frame and a spruce door with crimson roots in front. The interior is designed with a chest, brick stairs, a brewing stand, and a cauldron with some item frame hanging alongside lanterns on the walls.

Halloween Special Witch House

Whether you’re planning to build a Minecraft witch house with extras or just want to make your life easier, this idea by  Zaypixel is all you need. It is expertly designed with crimson pillars and dark oak planks magenta stained glass windows and blue warped doors.

The stylish roof with two edges on both sides made by nether brick stairs creates ideal imagery with two luminous soul lanterns hanging with the edges. The front has eye-catching decorations with randomly sprinkled colored flowers, mushrooms, and green oak leaves. 

Modern Witch House

How would you react upon seeing a fancy witch house with overhanging roof edges and a long white chimney following an interior furnace? Of course, it’s a tremendous idea, so jump onto Ayvocado and start building your house.

It features an expertly crafted high roof frame with overhanging edges decorated with an orange lantern and a flower pot under it. The interior is ornamented with a green bed alongside a bookshelf with a lamp. It is incomplete without the flower pots on a crafting table and an ender Chest placed over a flat dark oak trapdoor.

Easy-To-Build Simple Witch House

Lex The Builder has come up with a unique Minecraft witch house idea for you with some modern yet simple patterns.

Built with dark oak plank pillars and stone brick columns, this is a beautiful house with an “A” patterned roof and a fancy chimney. It has a two-step platform in front of the door with stone bricks. The fancy windows with glass panes take in the natural breeze from the outer atmosphere. 

Fantasy Witch House  

In case you want something a little more stylish in your Minecraft House, don’t miss this modern little house BrokenPixelSK. Its white stone foundation extends up to the roof by fancy Spruce plank and Green terracotta. 

There is a beautiful overhanging curve made up of green terracotta that creates spectacular scenery. All the design is textured with green wool, grass blocks, oak leaves, and andesite spotted walls. Moreover, a stylish black fireplace with shiny Blackstone bricks adds to the beauty of this house. 

Modern White and Black Witch House

Kickstart your crafting with a modern Minecraft witch house designed by Laya Minecraft. Its one-sided long vertical capsule-like white tower circled by black oak stairs with a dark upwards pointed top gives it a unique touch. 

The outward and downward extended roof edge adds to its beauty. All the corners are textured with cut sandstone. The tripped dark oakwood door and yellow stained glass windows make a gorgeous front. You can also put down a beautiful path with fancy booths leading up to the house.

Awesome Large Witch House

You won’t find a more creative house full of colors and patterns than this one by TheRussianPixel. Designated with black oak blocks, it brings you all the creative flickers. 

The purple stained glass pane and two little windows construct a perfect show with two luminous lanterns hanging over them. A large white chimney of cracked stone bricks decorated with oak leaves brings out a smoky campfire. The interior is nicely decorated with a fiery furnace plus brown and red mushrooms.

Wrap Up

Try building one of these Minecraft witch houses this Halloween for some spooky fun. They are sure to give your friends and family a good scare. And who knows, you may even be able to use your new-found skills to win first prize in the neighborhood pumpkin carving contest! 

We have covered a couple of decent Minecraft ideas, Don’t forget to read our amazing house ideas!

Which of these witch houses do you think looks the scariest?

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