8+ Minecraft Lamp Ideas and Designs in 2023

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Looking for Minecraft lamp ideas and designs?

Minecraft is all about building and using your imagination to the fullest. Like everything else in Minecraft, there is a wide variety of lamps to be built too, be it table lamps or hanging lanterns.  if you have run out of ideas and want some of the best lamps available in Minecraft, we have the best ones here. We have sifted through several ideas and collected the best ones for you, and they will surely please the artist in you.

Extraordinary Beacons Lamp

A simple yet stunning lamp made by Kenneth requires a few materials and is easy on the eyes. The unique feature of these lamps is that they are built using beacons. Its appearance can be enhanced by adding banners with patterned and gradient backgrounds. It will increase the beauty of its surroundings and will look lovely on the pathways. If you are building a city or a village in Minecraft, these street lamps are a simplistic but creative choice.

Vibrant Lamp Full Of Creativity

MagmaMusen uses a diverse palette of colors for a vibrant and lively artistic impression. This lamp is highly customizable and can be made according to your exact specifications. This lamp is pretty simple to build requiring only a few materials. Switching out glass and wall blocks is simple and it brings enough variation in the design to make things look unique. Another variation for this design can be built in the survival mode.

Awesome Lamp Filled With Medieval Aesthetics

Errol three uses medieval inspiration to build his aesthetically pleasing lamp. This aesthetic fits well in a medieval environment, be it a gothic cathedral, a grand castle, or a village church. The bluish hue that emits from the lamp looks ethereal and full of life, bringing a sense of mystery and adventure.

Classic Redstone Lamps

One of the easiest and quickest to build lamps is by LighterAura. It takes two Redstone clicks to shut off a Redstone bulb, but activation is quick. It emits light when triggered by the Redstone signal. A Redstone Lamp is the best option if you want to build a light that can be switched on and off. It is also mineable by hand or any weapon and drops as an item. It is easy on the eyes and provides a vibrant look.

Sophisticated Survival Mode Lamp

Spudetti designed this beautiful lamp that matches well with indoor environments, be it hallways, dining rooms, or living rooms; these lamps fit well with other furniture. It is one of the more sophisticated options as it has that formal grace. Building it requires four panes of stained glass and four end rods. If you are playing survival mode, it is better to build. It blends pretty well with all indoor environments, but it might not be a good outdoor option.

Highly Customizable Beginner-Friendly Lamp

MagmaMusen has a beginner-friendly design that is easy to build. It can prove a better alternative to the first design we saw. You may experiment with different variations; for example, switch out the sea lantern for a shroom light or a Glowstone. Other variations can also be built similarly by changing different materials; this gives a collection of new designs that are simple but beautiful and efficient.

Perfect Jack O’ Lantern For Maximum Lighting

YourSixGaming uses JackoLantern as decorative light. It might be one of the most gorgeous lights in Minecraft. It is the best option for illuminating your world as It provides the maximum possible light level; it can also be used as a weapon as you can defeat animals with these light pieces. If you are a creative builder, this option might be best for you.

Sea Lanterns For Underwater Visibility

Scousey has built this amazing sea lantern with a brightness level of 15; It can be used in water bodies. It looks good in fortresses and castles. It is one of the few options that can be used to provide electricity to a conduit submerged in water. Therefore its efficiency far exceeds other lights. It can also be used as a material to build other more advanced lamps further.


Lamps are a great option if you’re looking for a unique way to light up your Minecraft world or add a bit of flair to your home base. They provide light and can also be used to create atmospheric effects and set the mood for your game. Don’t forget to check out the best Minecraft house ideas!

We hope these Minecraft lamp ideas have provided enough inspiration for you to start building something new. You can build any of these and let us know what you think. 

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