Adopt Me Trading Values: All Pet & Item Values [January 2023]

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A significant part of Roblox Adopt Me! is the ability to trade pets and items with other players. However, pets are not created equal; thus, without assigning values to pets, you may end up performing unfavorable transactions. Adopt me! has implemented a trading system with trading values similar to MM2 values.

You can use several sites like Adopt Me Trading Values and AdoptMeValueList to check the trading values and whether a trade would be favorable. Still, you can also check the table below with the pet and trading values as they appear on the Internet.

Adopt Me Trading Values

Below you will find all the current Adopt Me! pet values and item values.

Adopt me Halloween Pet Value List

Adopt Me Pet Value List

Legendary Pets

Ultra Rare Pets

Rare Pets

Uncommon Pets

Common Pets

Adopt Me Items Value List

Below you will find the values for all tradeable items in Adopt Me:

This is pretty much everything you need to know about Adopt me trading values, including both pets and items. Stay tuned and bookmark this page for the updated values!

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