AFK Arena Artifacts Guide & Tier List [January 2023]

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AFK Arena Artifacts are unique trinkets found in the Peaks of Time or Trials of God event maps that can be equipped onto your heroes to boost their stats and imbue them with powers unique to each artifact. This post serves as an artifact tier list and a guide for the best artifacts for each hero or class.

Dura’s Artifacts

Lore: Peaks of Time

“According to Legend, the Peaks of Time were created by Honas, God of Creation, in order to allow him watch over all of his creations in the past, present and future. It was said that when Dura fell to the earth, the last remnants of her being fell onto the high peaks of the mountain and were scattered, breaking up into Seven Divine Artifacts that lay hidden somewhere within its interior. Only when all seven of the artifacts are brought together, will the world have a chance to return to a state of peace.“


Dura’s Artifacts Backstory

Dura, goddess of life is a generous being; she gave knowledge to the mortals and showered them with compassion. Weakened by Annih and his Hypogean horde, Dura used the last vestiges of her power to create the seven divine artifacts, fearing that the demonic horde may resurface from the barred gate. Wielding the divine artifacts, the mortals may have a fighting chance of fending off the demons once more.

Dura’s last words to the mortals:

Mortals of power will never cower,

With the divine light, champions shall always fight.

Those that do not surrender let no man put asunder.

Evil shall never decree, it may only flee.

How to upgrade Dura’s Artifacts?

Acquiring a Dura’s artifact is relatively easy by achieving a 100% completion percentage at its corresponding Peaks of Time map. Upgrading Dura’s artifacts is not challenging; it’s just a prolonged process, as you can acquire fragments by completing Campaign Quests, performing Stargazing, or getting a few of them from other events or the AFK rewards.

Dura’s Artifacts List

Class Artifacts


In ancient times, the great evil known as the Hypogeans were forever seeking ways to deal a final blow to mortal men. Dura instructed the five great elemental guardians to aid the mortals to forge five divine artifacts.

Guardian Aaldir used the power of mountains to forge his artifact. Whoever wields it shall become as mighty as the mountains.

Guardian Udea used the power of the waves to forge her artifact. Whoever wields it shall see the world in crystal clarity.

Guardian Zateus used the power of fire to smelt his artifact. Whoever wields it shall fight with a burning fire in their heart.

Guardian Elo used the power of nature to weave his weapon. Whoever wields it shall be as light as a leaf.

Guardian Winas used the power of the wind to chisel her weapon. Whoever wields it shall be as wild as the wind.

With the artifacts in their hands, the mortals would possess the power of the gods. Hidden throughout Esperia, the artifacts are waiting to be wielded once again, ready for the next great war.

Class Specific Artifacts List

Class-specific artifacts can be obtained from the Trials of God maps.

How to upgrade AFK Arena class artifacts?

To unlock an AFK Arena class artifact, you will have to complete its corresponding Trials of God map with a difficulty score of at least 16. To enhance each artifact further, you will have to complete each artifact’s Trials of God map at higher difficulties, up to 40, which fully unlocks the 3-star version. As you probably guessed, beating each map at difficulty 40 is quite challenging.

Artifact Priorities per Hero

The artifact of choice for each hero can sometimes be situational, but in most cases, the list below should give you an idea of which artifact to use on which hero.

Note: If your team uses enough CC, you will typically benefit more from Waistband of Resilience than The Barricade.

Note: If you frequently use the Twins to link Rosaline and Saurus on your frontline (that’s what you typically do for Guild Hunting bosses or the Twisted Realm), the best artifact to equip her with is Dura’s Blade. You will have to experiment to check what maximizes your damage, though.

Artifact Priorities per Class – General Rule of Thumb

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