AFK Arena Bountiful Trials Guides [January 2023]

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AFK Arena’s Bountiful Trials or Arena of Trials is an event where you use a newly-released hero in his respective trials stage, along with four other heroes from a limited pool, to clear the map and claim the final reward. Bountiful trials provide four different character pools depending on the enemy group you fight on the event map.

The challenge is to find the right setup for each spot that counters the enemy group and defeats all enemy groups. This guide will help you complete those trials without much trial and error (pun intended).


Awakened Baden


Canisa & Ruke



Awakened Solise



Joan of Arc




Awakened Thane



Alaro ? Desert’s Eye

Fane – The Wicked Warden

Scarlet – The Arcane Shadow

Talene – The Resurging Flame

Astar – The Brilliant Flame

Framton – Devourer of Flames

Thesku – The Serpent Charmer

Treznor – The Aggrieved

Haelus – The Crafter

Mishka – The Wild Child

Granit – Desert’s Stone

Zikis – The Launguid

Morrow – The Dark Crow

Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain

Titus – Guardian of the Mountain

Thali – Manical Mage

Merlin – Seer of Destiny

Walker – The Lone Ranger

Leofric – The Malevolent Menace Guide

Desira – The Sinister Siren Guide

Dastan – Prince of Persia Guide

Morael – Queen of Stars

Below you will find Morael’s bountiful trials guide. Morael is the latest Celestial Mage hero in AFK Arena.

Peggy and Raku Bountiful Trials Guides

Peggy and Raku are the latest heroes to be added to AFK Arena and their Arenas of Trials are available now.

Isabella – The Fallen Soul

Eluard – Protector of Souls

Respen – The Windchild

Respen is the latest Wilder hero to be released in AFK Arena. All credits for Respen’s AFK Arena bountiful trials go to Afk arena Ru and 剑与远征攻略君. Respen’s Arena of Trials once again consists of 6 enemy groups.

Kren – The Fanatical


For the bottom team of Joker’s bountiful trials, I used the same frontline as recommended with Arthur and Izold, but for the backline, I used Rowan on top, Tasi in the middle, and Joker at the bottom. The other five recommendations worked on the first try.


All six recommendations worked perfectly on Queen’s bountiful trials map. This one should be easy to clear and Queen turns out to be a beast for these groups of enemies.

Alna Bountiful Trials Guide

Mortas Bountiful Trials Guide





Zaphrael Arena of Trials recommended team lineups.


Lucretia’s arena of trials map guide and recommended team lineups.


Raine Arena of Trials map and recommended team lineups.


Theowyn Arena of Trials map and recommended team lineups.

Bountiful Trials or Arena of Trials rules

The bountiful trials or arena of trials maps used to consist of 12 fights. As of late 2020, this number has been reduced to 6 fights.

Each Arena of Trials map features a character that you need to have acquired to unlock that particular trial. For instance, for Pippa’s Arena of Trials, you need to have obtained Pippa. Just the test version will do, while you have it, but once the three days expire you will have to summon the hero to unlock their bountiful trials stage.

The featured hero will need to be a part of your team for all fights on the map.

Additionally, for each fight, there is a pool of 10 heroes you can use to complement the featured hero, but you need to own them to be able to unlock them. The portraits of heroes you don’t own will be locked and unusable.

All heroes in the Bountiful trials will be Ascended and level 240. All gear is mythic T1, non-factional.

Leaving the bountiful trial map resets it, so you will have to restart.

We will keep this guide updated with more 2021 bountiful trials as more AFK Arena heroes are released! Stay tuned for more AFK Arena guides and subscribe!

Bountiful Trials Event Rules

Note that this event does not use the Martial Rating system:

  • Heroes: Only heroes that have been pre-selected by the formation system and available in the hero pool may be used. Trial heroes are selected by default and cannot be removed from the team.
  • Hero Ascension Level: All heroes are Ascended tier and possess a hero level of 240. Gear:
  • Gear Level: All heroes use Mythic T1 non-upgraded gear without factional bonuses. Signature Items:
  • Signature Item bonus attributes and abilities cannot be used.
  • Elder Tree: Elder Tree / Dura’s Virtues’ attributes and abilities cannot be used.
  • Inn Furniture: Furniture bonuses and abilities cannot be used.
  • Artifacts: Artifact effects and bonus stats cannot be used.
  • Unions: hero union attribute bonuses cannot be used.

This concludes our AFK Arena bountiful trials guide. While you are here, you may want to check for the latest AFK Arena codes, the best Wrizz & Soren teams, our Twisted Realm guide, and the best teams in AFK Arena.

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