Blox Fruits Tier List: Best Fruits in the Game [Update 17 – Part 3]

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Our Blox Fruits Tier List will help you identify the best Devil Fruits to pursue in the game. Devil Fruits or Blox Fruits in Roblox’s Blox Fruits work similarly to Devil Fruits in One Piece (without the disadvantage of being unable to swim, although you take damage from water as a DF user).

They provide their users with powerful abilities of an element (Logia), beast (Zoan), and Paramecia (Body/Physical Attributes-Altering). Acquiring a Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits will allow you to unlock two to four unique abilities based on your Mastery level and the fruit’s rarity.

Fruit Types

  • Zoan (or beast) – Zoan devil fruits typically transform users into animals or beasts with devastating power.
  • Logia (or elemental) – Logia devil fruit typically grant elemental powers and allow users to manipulate an element and even transform into it, which in most cases renders regular non-Haki physical attacks against the user useless.
  • Paramecia (or natural) – Paramecia devil fruits alter the user’s body itself, providing power-ups and physical boosts or attributes.

Best Blox Fruits Tier List

Higher-tier Fruits on our list tend to have far more devastating abilities, but contrary to the anime/manga, you will see that the top-ranked fruits in the game are mostly Natural (Paramecia) types.

The fruits are ranked in 5 tiers, from S to D, with S being the most powerful tier and D the weakest one:

So without further ado, let’s check our Blox Fruits tier list!

Best Logia Fruits Tier List

What is the best PvP Logia Fruit in Blox Fruits?


Not only is the awakened dough the best PVP logia fruit in the game, but it is also one of the best overall fruits. Almost every other ability in the game is outperformed by its powerful moves, such as Piercing Clothesline and Doughfist Fusillade. Furthermore, the kit contains movement-based skills such as Scorching Donut, which can balance the battlefield against fast-moving enemies such as Leopard or Venom. The perfect blend of offensive and movement-based strategies makes dough fruit the perfect choice for those seeking a name in the PVP arena.

What is the best PvE Logia Fruit in Blox Fruits?


The best logia fruit to grind in storyline/quest mode in Blox Fruits is the Magma Fruit. This is mainly due to abilities like Meteor and Magma Eruption. These abilities quickly decimate any group of enemies, helping you finish the early parts of any quest much faster. AlsoAdditionally, the kit is highly effective against most tough bosses like the tide keeper and cake queen, granting a lot of XP and allowing rebirthing much earlier. The passive ability to walk on water is another plus point for magma user users. This is because you can use the skill to force enemies to fight above water, tilting the battle in your favor in specific scenarios.

How to get Fruits in Blox Fruits?

You can purchase Devil Fruits from the Blox Fruits Dealer on Pirate Starter Island or Marine Starter Island in exchange for either Beli (the in-game currency) or Robux (Roblox’s currency).

Another way is to visit the Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin, who can be found above Saber Expert room in the Jungle (1st Sea), behind the Cafe (2nd Sea), and in the Mansion on the Floating Turtle (3rd Sea). This is essentially the gacha method to acquire a Blox Fruit, as the Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin gives you a random fruit by buying using Beli depending on your level. The higher your level, the more expensive the cost of your Fruit Roll.

You can also visit the Advanced Blox Fruit Dealer on Mirage, a random Sea Event, while riding your boat. The Advanced Fruit Dealer features a higher minimum number of stocks in stock (7 instead of 3), a higher chance to acquire Legendary Fruits in stock, and a faster restock time than the regular Blox Fruits Dealer (2 hours instead of 4).

Additionally, Devil Fruits spawn on the map every 60 minutes (45 during the weekend) and despawn after 20 minutes, so you can take advantage of Blox Fruits Private Servers to get VIP access and farm them without being interrupted by others.

All Devil Fruit Prices in Blox Fruits

Paramecia Fruits

Beast/Zoan Fruit Prices

Elemental/Logia Fruit Prices

This completes our Blox Fruits Tier List and the best Blox Fruits in the game guide.

While you are here, don’t forget to check for the latest working Blox Fruits codes or look at the rest of our Blox Fruits guides.

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