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Sally Smithson, A.K.A The Nurse entered the Killer pool of DBD on the 18th of August 2016. Since that very faithful day, the DBD Nurse terrorized poor Survivor players in the high ranks of the game. And to this day she is one of the very best killers in history Dead By Daylight. Continue reading to find out the best DBD Nurse build.

The Nurse, due to her very unique playstyle, is neigh impossible to counter when playing as the Survivors. But before you can reap the rewards that she has to offer you need to learn. Because the DBD Nurse is also one of the hardest Killers to master. Again, thanks to her unique power and other gameplay elements.

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Step 1: Learn About The DBD Nurse

The first step naturally is to understand the Killer before you even attempt to play him/her. At the core of the Nurse’s strength is her ability, Spencer’s Last Breath. Her power enables you to blink, or teleport, a short distance in the direction you are currently looking. It is important to mention here, that you can even go through ceilings and floors. As long as there is a playable area in the spot you are attempting to blink to.

How the blink functions is pretty simple. You hold down the power button, right mouse button by default, to initiate a teleport. The longer you hold down the button, the further you will blink. There is a very nice add-on that allows you to learn her maximum range and the rate at which the blink “accumulates” distance. It’s called Plaid Flannel. And it is one of the 4 brown rarity add-ons for the DBD Nurse. But do keep in mind to take it off once you start getting used to blinking since you are giving up a very valuable add-on slot for a novice learning tool.

So, why does Nurse need the blink for anyway? The obvious answer is that any Killer in Dead By Daylight has a unique power, and should use it often. But more specific answer is that the Nurse cannot function without it. Her movement speed is capped at 96% of how fast Survivor sprinting moves at. So you will never actually catch up to a Survivor holding shift, ever! But with your blink, you can catch them with no problem.

The next step is dealing with fatigue. Every time you blink, the Nurse will go into a fatigued state. Which is functionally a stun. It lasts 2 seconds and forces your camera to the ground, so you might lose your prey from your line of sight. If you swing your weapon before going into fatigue that’s +1 second of stun. And every blink in a chain of blinks is +0,5 seconds. So it is absolutely vital that you hit a survivor with your attack before you fatigue. Otherwise, your effort will be wasted and they can escape your grasp.

Step 2: Improve Your DBD Nurse Build With Perks Best Suited For Her Gameplay!

Half of the battle in Dead By Daylight is being prepared, and Nurse is no exception. You need to understand her perks and add-ons for her power. There are 90 Killer perks in the game currently, and The Nurse has 20 add-ons for her power, Spencer’s Last Breath. With 4 perk slots and 2 add-on slots, the possibilities are… well, they are not endless per se. But there are too damn many of them to be covered in this guide, or any guide really. And there is no need. I will break down perks you want to have in any great DBD Nurse build and give some examples. In the case of add-ons, I will just list some of the better ones, because thankfully you can ignore most of them.

Best Perks For Dead By Daylight’s Nurse

The first group is information gathering perks. Those are some of the most essential perks for a DBD Nurse build. Why? Because she is a killing machine. Spencer’s Last Breath is ideal for rushing down Survivors and getting downs in a matter of seconds. So then, if you are such a beast in a chase, what do you need? You need information. As soon as you hook a Survivor, you want to know where the next one is ASAP. While you initiate another chase someone needs to get your first victim off the hook. That’s 3 people not repairing generators, an ideal situation for you. And if you keep Survivors in this loop of events you will win in a matter of minutes. While they still have 3 or 4 generators to go before they can even think about escaping. Just remember to not stack too many! Pick 1 or 2 at most!

The best information gathering perks for any DBD Nurse build are:

The next category is slowdown perks. These are perks designed specifically for slowing down the rate at which Survivors are repairing generators. This is very important. The Nurse can travel around the map in the blink of an eye. But your pressure comes from you chasing Survivors. And you cannot really chase more than one person at a time. So in order to have a well-rounded DBD Nurse build, you need some slowdown perks.

Without further ado, here are the best slowdown perks for The Nurse:

And now we finally move to add-ons for Spencer’s Last Breath. Those got updated a couple of months ago. With many overused add-ons getting nerfed and underused ones getting a buff. I have to mention, never pick the Matchbox add-on. Unless you have a very specific DBD Nurse build in mind. Matchbox turns The Nurse into a standard 115% movement speed killer but takes away one of her two blinks. The Nurse is almost unusable in most cases with only 1 blink. You need two to basically: 1) reduce the distance between you and the Survivor as much as possible and 2) precision blink next to him for a guaranteed hit. If you have 1 blink you need to combine those actions which is ridiculous.

Here are her best add-ons to consider:

Step 3: Start Playing!

The very last, and the most important step is to play, play, play, and then play again. The Nurse requires a crazy amount of experience before you are anywhere near her skill ceiling. No matter how good your DBD Nurse build actually is. And you can only get this experience by playing and experimenting with her. When you start getting the hang of her power in a chase you will be ready for the big leagues.

So if you are ready and outfitted with some of the best perks and add-ons, let’s talk strategy. You should start off each match like with any other “chase” killer. Make your way to the generator which is the furthest from your spawn location. Look around for survivors and observe the map configuration while en route.

As soon as you find some fresh meat unleash your blinks. Injure the Survivors, and eventually down them. And always remember! If you down someone, but you can clearly see another Survivor, do not pick up the person on the ground! You should instead immediately engage a
nother chase, and come back to the person on the ground when your other target escapes or you down him too. This is called slugging, and it is a little bit of a dirty tactic. But you are trying to win, not be “nice”. Especially when playing the DBD Nurse!

With this DBD Nurse build, you should become a top-tier Nurse in no time!

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