Era of Althea Trait Tier List: Best Traits in the Game

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Era of Althea is a fantasy action RPG on the Roblox platform, in which you can start a character, complete quests, and slay monsters to level them up and become one of the strongest fighters in the world. One of the critical starting elements in the game is the trait of your character.

There are seven available traits (Elven Blood, Blade Master, Game Addict, Resilient, Alchemist, Smith, and Traitless, which ironically indicates the lack of any traits), and your character is assigned one randomly.

However, you can reroll your trait in EoA by using spins, and that is something you probably want to do at some point, to assign your character a trait that gives them the most useful buff depending on your fighting style, or just more general buffs like an EXP boost.

For instance, Elven Boost is the superior trait for those who use sorcery (thanks to the mana boost), while Blade Master is great for players who want to specialize in melee sword combat.

You can look at our Era of Althea codes list to earn some free spins and reroll your trait until you are happy with the one you get..

Now let’s get down to the trait tier list itself.

Era of Althea Trait Tier List

All traits in Roblox Era of Althea except for Traitless provide some sort of advantage in stats or buffs.


  • Elven Blood (Massive Mana Boost)
  • Blade Master (Double Weapon Mastery & Increased Weapon Damage)


  • Game Addict (150% EXP)
  • Resilient (Doubles Block Bar)


  • Alchemist (Allows you to use potions faster)
  • Smith (Works similarly to the Smith Gamepass, but with a +10% Success Rate Increase)


  • Traitless (Does nothing)


And that’s it with our Era of Althea Traits Tier List. You can also check our Era of Althea Race Tier List and Snaps Tier List, or check the Era of Althea section of our website for more EoA guides!

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