FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod: Secret sound test codes

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Friday Night Funkin’ is an extremely popular music battle game available on PC and online. One thing that makes FNF great is that it is easy to mod and create multiple variations of the game. One of them is the extremely popular FNF vs. Sonic.Exe mod. So in this guide, we will explain how to download and install FNF Sonic.Exe and provide you with all the sound test codes available to use in the SOUND TEST section of the game.

How to Download Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic Exe Mod

Downloading and installing FNF vs. Sonic.Exe is a very simple process. Here are the steps to install the popular FNF mod on your device.

  • Download the bin_update_2.rar file as recommended by the mod creators.
  • Now go the folder you downloaded the rar file in and extract the files. In case you need a rar extractor you can download Winrar.
  • Next, head to the bin folder of the extracted files
  • Double click Sonic.Exe to launch FNF Sonic Exe.

FNF Sonic Exe Sound Test codes: The complete list

To use Sonic.Exe’s sound test codes you will have to head to SOUND TEST from the mod’s main menu:

Here are all the available test code combinations:

FNF Sonic.Exe 2.0 Sound Test codes

In case you are looking for the FNF vs. Sonic.Exe 2 codes, here they are:

This is everything you need to know about downloading FNF Sonic.Exe mod and using FNF Sonic.Exe’s sound test codes. Make sure to also check where you can play FNF Mods unblocked or check the list of the best unblocked games.

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