Grand Piece Online Map: All First, Second Sea & Skypiea Locations & Level Requirements

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?We have compiled a list of locations and recommended levels for Grand Piece Online in our guide. Now there are two GPO maps featuring many amazing islands from One Piece. Let us now examine the maps produced by the GPO.

GPO First Sea Map

First Sea Locations

Below you will find all the locations available on the First Sea map of Grand Piece Online, along with their recommended levels:

GPO Second Sea Map

Second Sea Locations

There are six available locations/islands in GPO’s second sea. Here they are, along with their requirements:

All Skypiea Locations in GPO

While Skypiea is essentially one location, it is quite large and broken down into the following districts/areas:

This is all you need to know about the Grand Piece Online maps and locations. While you are here, you may want to check our Grand Piece Online guide or our Grand Piece Online codes and Grand Piece Online Private Server codes. Make sure also to check the rest of our Roblox guides, the latest Roblox promo codes, and Roblox game codes.

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