How To Breed Polar Bears In Minecraft

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Don’t know how to breed polar bears in Minecraft? No worries! With some easy alternative hacks, now you can easily learn how to breed them. 

To breed polar bears in Minecraft, you have to bait fish to make them stay together. They will naturally come closer to each other! Once they were done eating, they will breed naturally.

How To Breed Polar Bears In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Breeding is a great means of befriending any mob character in the game. AND polar bears are no exceptions, once you know the hack. 

Like any other character, you can befriend these snowy white animal characters by using a very simple technique: Feeding for Breeding!

YES, The good ol’ Feeding hack still works. Feeding works like a charm when you wanna learn how to breed polar bears in Minecraft. 

All you gotta do is set up a nice cozy dinner date for the cute polar bear couple. Just bring the two of them together in a single spot by serving them with a steamy hot plate of their favorite food item. 

Let’s get a quick review of what you need to do to make the polar bears breed in your Minecraft world.

Step 1: Go Into Cold Biome

A place where you can easily find polar bears. Find a group of polar bears. For breeding, you must have at least a pair of them. You may find polar bears in a group of 2 or 3.

Step 2: Take Safety Steps

Polar bears are neutral mobs but become ferocious when they’re triggered. You must approach them slowly and cautiously. Don’t move too close to their cub and don’t just stand and stare at them for too long or you might get attacked.

Step 3: Throw Raw Fish

When you reach near the polar bear, throw in some raw fish (cod or salmon) to them without wasting time. They’ll come running towards the fish so make sure you keep your distance.

After the bear is done eating the fish, it may attack you. So make sure you have an ample amount of fish supply stored. Use more fish to keep it engaged and also attract the other polar bear as well.

Step 4: Keep Them Engaged 

Throw some extra fish so that the polar bears keep eating and stay together for some time. Once they’re done eating, the couple will breed and produce a little baby polar bear.

Before you begin your journey towards breeding polar bears in Minecraft, you must know how to catch the salmon and cod fish. It’ll save you some time and most importantly your hearts.

How to Catch Raw Fish in Minecraft?

Fishes are easy to catch because you know where you’ll find the fishes in Minecraft. Obviously, in the waters. There are no limits to the water bodies. Fishes may reside in every kind of pool, ocean, or seawater.

Step 1: Go to the ocean’s bank

Simply look for the bank of an ocean, or river, (both work fine). Go near the bank. Once you’re close enough, check if you can see the fish swimming inside the water. You can also find raw fish in those hidden chests found in the villages. Make sure to check all the chests for raw salmon on your way. 

Step 2: Get Into the Boat

You can also hop on to a boat if you have one. Creating a boat is easy. Go to your crafting table and place an oak wood plank in the first box of the top row and place the second plank in the last box of the same row. Now put 3 planks in the middle row and your boat is ready.

If you’re playing a pocket edition, you must also place a  wooden shovel between the planks in the middle box of the first row.

Step 3: Use Fishing Rod

Now, use your fishing rod to Catch as many fish as you want. Using a fishing rod is way easier and more effective for getting raw fish meat. 

If you don’t have a fishing rod, you can craft it on your crafting table. For crafting a fishing rod, you need 3 wooden sticks and 2 thread strings. 

Once you collect all 5 items, go to your crafting table.

  • Place the 3 wooden sticks in the table slots in a diagonal pattern
  • Place the remaining 2 thread strings in the bottom row in a vertical position, one by one.
  • Tada! Your fishing rod is ready to be used to catch fresh fish

Alternative for Fishing Rod:

If you don’t want to use a fishing rod, you can also use your sword for slaying the swimming creatures. Using a sword to slay fishes takes more time and skills. Since fishes are small characters that swim quickly around in the water, your attack must be very swift and very precise. Otherwise, fishes will easily swim past you without getting caught.

Where to Find Polar Bears In Minecraft?

Polar bears are ice-loving creatures who only live in a snowy environment. You can find polar bears anywhere in the game if you’re playing in the snowy world. Otherwise, you have to look for someplace that’s covered with ice and snow. 

Some common places where you can easily find polar bears are:

  • Ice plains
  • Ice mountains
  • Snowy Tundra
  • Ice Spikes
  • Frozen Water bodies like a River or an Ocean.

Moving on, you must know your boundaries. Approaching a polar bear may look easy but it’s not safe. Polar bears are wild an
d they have great strength. So every attack of a polar bear eats up a pretty huge amount of your character’s life.

Polar Bears: Why Are They Bred?

Polar bears are designed in three Mod states; Passive, Neutral, and Aggressive. The cubs are constantly passive while the adult bears stay in a neutral state. Once they’re triggered, they get aggressive and can give you a lot of damage with a single attack. 

The easiest way to get someone on your side is to feed them something they like… As for our cute Polar bears, it’s raw fish meat. A fresh raw salmon or cod fish is caught straight from the depths of the deep oceans.

Feeding polar bears some raw fish meat is the only way to tame those deadly in-game creatures. Therefore, make sure you must have huge reserves of raw fish stacked within your storage before you go anywhere near the polar bears. 

Alternatives of Breeding Polar Bears In Minecraft

If you are a fan of action, there’s more for you in the game than just laying a food trap. You can also use a Lead to catch and reign the adult Polar bears in Minecraft. This is a unique and fun way of taming polar bears in Minecraft.

Since polar bears are not very friendly creatures, they don’t like following your lead. Instead, they become aggressive as soon as you go near them or stare at them for too long.

Using a lead adds a nice thrilling touch to the calming game environment. You can craft a lead using your crafting table. You’ll need 4 thread strings and a slime ball. Place the 2 threads in the top row and 1 string in the first box of the second row. Place the slimeball next to it. Now, place the 4th string in the very last box of the last row. Your lead is created and ready to be used.

Now, use this lead to catch any polar bear that you may find on your way while wandering in the snowy plains. You can ride the bears or drag them wherever you want using the lead. If you know how to breed polar bears in Minecraft, you can lead them to a spot for breeding.

Just be careful because the bear can still attack you if you’re too close. Have a happy breeding experience!

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