How to Get Beast Breathing in Demon Slayer Inspired Demonfall

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Demonfall is a Roblox game that was released in 2021. Inspired by the anime series Demon Slayer. You can choose which storyline to follow. You have the option to become a demon or a demon slayer. You have a wide range of breathing techniques as a demon-slayer. Demonfall’s Beast Breathing is a style of breathing that emphasizes dual-wielding.

Demonfall Beast Breathing General Information

To obtain it you must first go to the village near the Slayer Corps and then run straight ahead to learn Beast Breathing. After mastering the breathing style, players are given a pair of special swords. They have their hilts/handguards taken out, and the handles are wrapped in cloth. This weapon is only available to Beast Breathing users.

Kendo Mastery doesn’t change the animation or give you another M1; Kendo Agility II does not improve swing speed, unlike Agility I which can help you obtain Lunge. You can’t create another Nichirin with this breathing style, just like Insect or Moon Breathing. It shares Insect’s guard break using a kick. Beast breathing focuses purely on close-quarters combat. As such, it has no ranged skills of any kind.

How to Get the Breathing

First and Final Task: Give Inosuke a Green Horn and a Blue Horn. Then, give Inosuke 100 Meat Pieces. The total cost is 2000 yen for the meat. The meat vendor can be found in Okuyia Village 5. He sells meat for 100 yen each.

The Green and Blue Horn requirement easily makes this one of the hardest breathing styles to get in the entire Demonfall. Especially since the drop rate for both of these items has been nerfed to a measly 25%.

Beast Breathing Skills

Beast’s Skill Tree takes 10 ability points to max out. Making it a very fast process.

Second Fang: Slice – The user sprints forward and unleashes a double slash in the form of an X. This move has a kind of hyper armor. It can’t be canceled, but you can take damage while “charging”. This move can also be auto-targeted (Deals 30 damage with a 25-sec CD duration).

Third Fang: Devour – For three seconds, the user will perform a spinning slash attack. They move forward slightly during this time. The user will stay in mid-air until the move is over if they are using it in mid-air. This skill can be used as a combination extender or lifesaver. This skill can potentially save you from falling damage if it is used correctly (Deals 30 damage with a 35-sec CD duration).

Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice – The ability consists of four movements. The user must perform multiple slashes, dashing forward and then executing 4 more. You can change the direction of the move based on the position the user is looking at while the move is active. This makes it easier to hit all four moves. The last movement causes the targets to be pushed away, making it more of a combo-ender. Since you can’t chain in any more abilities when your enemy is out of range. During active moves, the user appears to be invincible (Deals 40 damage and has a 45-sec CD duration. Consisting of 14 hits).

Finishing Fang – The user charges up, turns around, and delivers a kick behind them. This move is equipped with hyper armor and includes auto-targeting and auto-execute (Deals 36 damage with a cooldown duration 68 seconds).

Passive Ability – Every single M1 swing is a double strike causing around 10 damage each. 11 with kendo Mastery.

Pros & Cons


  • M1’s hit twice.
  • 2 moves with hyper armor. The other moves have virtually no cast time.
  • High damage.
  • You don’t have to spend your skill point on the Sword skill tree just like Insect Breathing.
  • Has auto-execute moves, making it easy to use.


  • Long cooldowns.
  • No guard breaks.
  • It may be difficult to score all hits with Fourth Fang.
  • Only has close-range attacks.

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