Paper IO Unblocked: Where to play it in 2023

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In this post, you will find everything you need to know about Paper IO unblocked and Paper IO 2 unblocked. 2 is the sequel to Voodoo’s massively successful io game, and 2 are real-time multiplayer .io games in which you attempt to conquer the most territory possible. Take over the world by painting the map your own color! Beware of other players who want your territory.

How to play

In, players must capture as much of the arena as possible. Each player starts at their territory, and once they get out of it, they leave a trail. Once you return to your own territory, the area outlined by your trail becomes part of it.

Differences between and 2

The main difference between 2 and the original is how you move. The original game had only four directions: up, down, left, and right. The player is now able to move in any direction. Also, the arena has been made circular to complement those changes.

Where to play Paper IO unblocked

A plethora of unblocked gaming websites hosts the original unblocked (essentially 2).

Here are some of the top choices. Make sure to try all of them until you find one that is unblocked by your school network:

You can also check our list of the best unblocked websites with games for school to see if one of them is unblocked at your school.

If none of these options work for you, just search for “Paper io unblocked” on Google.


Can you get 100% on

While it is extremely rare, it is possible to get 100% territory in and 2.

How to get a private room in

You can use Private Server 2. Using the party mode you can get a private room to play with your friends with just a few clicks. You will get a link to the private room’s lobby that you can share with your friends.

Who created and 2?

Voodoo is the company behind both games.

Is there are 3?

As far as we know, there is no third installation to the games but you will find many copycats marketing clones as 3.

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