Project Slayers Clans Tier List & Wiki: Rarity, Buffs & Stat Bonuses [January 2023]

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Regardless of whether you pick the path of a Demon Slayer or Demon in Roblox Project Slayers, you will be able to roll for a clan. Consequently, we have compiled a Clans Tier List to help you identify the best Clans when you roll using Clans spins.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some freebies in the game, including free Clan spins, check our list of Project Slayers codes as we keep updating it with the latest working codes.

Which is the Best Clan in Project Slayers?

The Kamado Clan is above and beyond every single other Clan. It’s not just the weapon and damage buffs that make it stand out. The faster Breathing Regeneration is a must-have for Demon Slayers as even at Breathing Level 3 (Check our Gourd Training guide on how to get Total Concentration) you will be running low on Breathing Points after landing a few combos. But my favorite part is the +3 Block Bar buff, which will help you get faster to +6/+7 Block Bar. At this point, (let’s say +7 to be safe), you will be able to block the normal attacks of all Demon Bosses currently in the game (Nezuko, Slasher Demon, Susamaru, and Yahaba).

Clans Tier List – Project Slayers

The tier list below will give a first look at the most potent Clans in the game:

Projects Slayers Clans FAQ

How to reroll my Clan in Project Slayers?

To reroll your Clan in Project Slayers you must first select a character and then head to the customize menu from the game’s main menu. You can read our full Clan reroll guide.

What is the best Clan in Project Slayers?

The Supreme rarity Kamado Clan seems to be above and beyond every other clan in the game, as it provides the best buffs and stat bonuses. However, pretty much every Legendary or higher rarity clan is pretty good to get started with.

That’s all for our Project Slayers Clans Tier List! If you play the game as a Demon make sure to check our Project Slayers Blood Demon Arts Tier List, or our Breathing Tier List if you play as a Demon Slayer. Also check our Project Slayers locations map, and our guides on how to get Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Wind Breathing. For more Project Slayers guides, check our website’s Project Slayers section!

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