Shindo Life Update Log & Patch Notes

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This post will cover the complete Shindo Life update log and patch notes. Shindo Life is an anime fighting game developed by the RELL World developer group. The game is inspired by popular anime and especially Naruto, as you are will be following the path of a Ninja and competing quest to become powerful by unlocking bloodlines, different modes, ninja tools, and much more.

The complete log and patch notes can also be found on the Shindo Life Trello.

Don’t forget to check for the latest Shindo Life codes while you are here.

UPDATE 194.3 Glitch Patch Notes:

Glitch: Getsuga first move has the red arm instead of the blue one Light Jokei First move is instant cast whereas Dark/Gold Jokei first move still has handsigns Glitch: The gear icon on the bottom right shows the update number of the previouse update Glitch: You can reduce the mode drain of Ashura, Indra Or Kamaki Akuma Q spec if you use mist Glitch: You can use Ray Kerada 1st twice by using the skin and the normal. Glitch: jokei fist doesn’t knockback Glitch: Gold Jokei Counter Damage fixed Glitch: Companions Dont work on bosses Bug: Power 2nd breaks you Bug: Mode Drain for Q specs Altered after using Fog Dissolution ( Ashura, Kamaki, Getsuga, etc) Bug: Certain moves that have had handsigns added (Raion Gaiden 1st, Sengoku Gaiden 1st, Indra 1st) Take double chi Doku/Tengoku/Scorpion 2nd move buffed Satori Rengoku 3rd move buff Kabu Cobra 3rd move handsign reduced by 1 Glitch: When someone uses bankai akuma genjutsu and you are flying with dynamic stomp barrage and manage to hit them, you and the person ends up getting voided. Needs more testing Attempted Fix Glitch: Falling out of the void in comp causes both people to be immune to eachothers attacks.

UPDATE 193-194 Patch Notes:

Getsuga Changes: Icons changed to Blue, Ability changed to Blue/White Getsuga Black Skin Balances & Fixes Reduce Perfect Block to 200k damage Yang 6 Glitch fix Suggestion: Add a Raion Barrage at the end of Copy Style: Counter Suggestion: Reduce Duration of Senko: Spirit Bomb/Storm Kunai Suggestion: Make Taijutsu Body Dodge Non-Staggerable Suggestion: Remove end-lag, Increase damage and ragdoll stun for obelisk chi blade Suggestion: Remove end-lag & knockback Shock Cloak Second Stage spec + add a ragdoll effect Suggestion: Give Pika Senko C Spec Iframes Suggestion: Remove hand-signs on Light Jokei First (Airpalms) Suggestion: Decrease Hyper-Armour time on Sand Style: Shield Of Apol Suggestion: Reduce Narumaki’s Second start-up Suggestion: Remove end-lag from Boxing Martial Art Suggestion: Make bubble first Instant-Cast Suggestion: Reduce end-lag on Lightning 6th Suggestion: Reduce endlag on Chaos 1st, the endlag last for more than half of the ability duration. It also has a good bit of startup and it knockbacks, sure it blockbreak but that really doesnt compensate for the cons of the ability. Suggestion: Wanizame 3rd a block breaker Suggestion: Increase the Aoe of chaos/order 2nd one dash can easily dodge it so increase range or make it insta cast Suggestion: Ashura 1st NERF add 1 more handsign Suggestion: make the hit box of the second movement of the powder smaller, since it is too easy to hit the attack, it is too broken for combos powder 2nd take 2 handsigns powder 3rd decrease hitbox Suggestion: Decrease handsigns on Smoke Second move + buff DMG Suggestion: Remove Azim Senko Third from the stun GCD (Global Cool-Down) + Increase handsigns Suggestion: Remove end-lag from Dio Senko First Stage C Spec if it misses Suggestion: Reduce Stamina drain on Wide-Dash Suggestion: Decrease Reaper Spirit Cool-down Suggestion: Dual Electro Damage Reduction Suggestion: increasing the cool-down of all Kenjutsu Q specs slightly Suggestion: Reduce Satori Rengoku First Cool-Down: 30 - 25 seconds Suggestion: Reduce damage on Acid (Element) Second Suggestion: Reduce hitbox of Ashura Wood Third Suggestion: Increase Ashura Wood Second Cool-Down Suggestion: Give Jayramaki/Azure Second a stun effect similar to Ray Kerada First Suggestion: Increase range on Jayramaki/Azure skin 2nd: Hair Grab Suggestion: Decrease hand-signs on Shiro Glacier/Zero First by 1 Suggestion: Reduce stun on Shiver/Prism Fourth (Element) Suggestion: Decrease start-up on Sun Kenjutsu Second Menza 1st block break knockback changed to blockbreak Menza 2nd damage buff Menza 3rd handsign reduce by 1 Shindo Storm Fixes - PTS Raion Mode change to new Cursemark stage 2 - Bruce Kenichi Mode changed to SHBM - Aile Minakame R,F,G Fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Aile Minakame Mode R,T Fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Kabu Cobra Fix R,G (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Arahaki Jokei C Spec changed to Golden Byakugan - Menza Azarashi R,F fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Menza Azarashi Mode T,F (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Renshiki G fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Light Jokei R,T,G fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Garin Atomic T,F fix (upgraded to new jutsu's) - Garin Atomic Mode R,F fix (upgraded to new jutsu's)

UPDATE 191-192 Patch Notes:

This card is empty on the Shindo's Trello board.

UPDATE 189-190 Patch Notes:

Kamaki Akuma Kamaki Inferno (Skin) Glitch: Headless 1st move and 3rd move cause severe FPS drops. Glitch: Running out of stamina with Vine 2nd move on allows you to then use the move with no CD. Shindo Layered Clothing (Beta Testing for a upcoming update, N/A to the public)

UPDATE 187-188 Patch Notes:

7 Heavens V2 EDIT: FORGOT TO POST THIS(BOSS DROP) BRUCE KENICHI 1/40 8 Gates V2 EDIT: FORGOT TO POST THIS(BOSS DROP) RYUJI KENICHI 1/30 Glitch/Bug: Raion Gaiden 2nd still gives you iframes when you miss the ability. Glitch/Bug: Sometimes, your aim can bug out causing your moves to shoot from another direction. For Competitive Pads you'll need to be S Rank to enter If you leave game during a Comp Match you'll get -2 Losses added to your record Open World Progress New Map Layout 10 villages and hidden locations Inventory System New Ui Design Mode Spec to one slot Z Automatic Charging (equipping, saving, kunai/stim amounts (re-buyable)) stats revision Shinobi Ranking System instead of levels Advanced AI setup

UPDATE 185-186 Patch Notes:

Octopop (Gen 3 TB) Companion / NPC Glitch Fix Bug: Visual bug with the new Head Less boss drop weapon where the Azarashi Kunai icon can be seen on it for some reason Bug: This player in particular can’t rank up. I don’t know if this has happened to others, but he hasn’t been able to rank up for a month. Octopop Mode Stage 1-4 Octopop Boss Battle Octo Ink Octo Tentacion Fight Octopop Mace Competitive Queue System Shindo Storm Comp Queue System RPG Competitive Queue System Queue System lobby finder (new) Queue System Instant Load Queue System works with !pr rankings Comp Adjustment: Azim senko kunai/sl2 senko kunai not have the teleport feature in competitive game mode Comp Adjustment: Dagai Wire (won't pull far) and Senko Throw (short tp range) in competitive game mode Auto Dodge mid combo --Subjutsu Autododges: Taijutsu Dodge (Taijutsu) (New) Body Replacement Fog Dissolution --Other Autododges: Bankai Akuma 2nd Dio/Azure/Rose Senko 1st Vine 2nd Akuma 2nd BUFFS • Reduction of end-lag on Lariat Fist Q Spec • Demon Gate Spirit Z spec end-lag and start up reduction (8th Gate) • Ray Kerada Fir
st block-breaks only on the first hit • Light (dark, gold) Jokei 3rd Stage Q Spec speed up slam-down animation • Satori Akuma First Range Increase (Minor) • Broomstick cool-down increase (25 seconds overall) & removal from Iframe global-cooldown • Shindai Prime Blade & SL2 Shindai Prime Blade tornado speed increase • Cool-down Reduction on Doku/Scorpion Tengoku Second • End-lag reduction/removal on Kagoku/Platinum Skin First • Stamina Requirement reduction on Ryuji First • Stamina Requirement reduction on Ryuji Second • Stamina Requirement Reduction on Ryuji Third • Reduce startup on Menza Third • Remove handsigns on Stone Style: Fist of steel (Subjustu) • increase cooldown on Shizen Shield (weapon) and remove off of iframe GCD • Remove Rykan Shizen First off of Iframe GCD • Remove Narumaki 3rd off of stun GCD • Make the first 2 shuriken of Narumaki/Yang/Ruby Second move ragdoll • Reduce the end-lag of Narumaki/Yang/Ruby (Stage 1) Q spec • Reduce startup on Sarachia Akuma/Gold stage 3 E spec • Increase cooldown of Eternal Akuma Hand Z spec (slightly) • Increase the cool-down of Fog Dissolution (slightly) • Removal of end-lag on Namikaze/Dio Senko Stage 1 C Spec • Pyromania Fourth Hitbox mini adjustment 10,10,10 to 8,8,8 • Allow the user the ability to use moves and consumables during the Dio Senko auto-dodge • Reduce Kenjutsu Q specs slightly less startup from 1 second to 0.3 second • Apollo Sand First damage increase and end-lag removal • Ghost Korashi Second damage reduction and make it un-stunable since it is really easy to escape • Cancel Animation on Raion Gaiden Second if the opponent blocks the attack (Chibaku Pull-down) • Hitbox Increase on Ryuji Kenichi First • Hitbox Increase on Bruce Kenichi First • Addition of a stun (chain effect) on Azarashi First

UPDATE 183-184 Log:

New Pro Rank New Competitive Server System (12 Players per server) Head Less Bloodline (Boss Drop) Headless Hat (Boss Drop) Headless Blade (Boss Drop) New Bloodlineline Bag Update !pr (opens pro rank menu) !cpr (closes pro rank menu) or hit the leave button Glitch Fix: Doku Counter void fix glitch Fix: when you activate your shindai rengoku companion counter, the clones will attack you Glitch Fix: Switching between puppet art and any other martial will cause copies of your puppet and its strings. Basically, this is a really annoying lag machine. Recent Glitch Fix: Chocho boss timer when you enter a server is over 3 minutes (on newer servers (Recent) Glitch Fix: Infinite queue when someone leaves 2v2s in pro rank (Recent) Glitch Fix: Pro Rank negative glitch count

UPDATE 175-182 Log:

Update 181-182 Powder 7th Tailed Beast Gen 3 Greatsword of ChoCho Gen 3 Gift system fall map change X crouch removed Update 175-180 (Glitches/Fixes list in here) Indra Akuma Gigantic Beast Combat System New Mentor Bruce Kenichi (WW Perk, Dashing Perk) Sub out will wait until a taijutsu/ability sequence to play out before subbing out fix up Dynamic Stomp and Skull crusher Suggestion: Remove Kajin 2nd, Bankai 3rd, Flame 3rd, Raion Ren/Sen/Azure 1st, Wind 5th, and Inferno 3rd ability to bypass iframes. Make Deva ren/sen/whitebeard Second ability's cooldown start after the move is over Rasenshuriken/Rasenshuriken Inferno Rush fix ragnar 1st fix Fix Q spec for the last mode of all Gen 3 tailed spirits by increasing the cd. Suggestion: Give Azim Dual Senko Some Startup & Increase CD or reduce the stun time Make Fume Second's move cooldown start at the end of the move give scorch and frost 3rd move handsigns fix acid second and acid last fix cement 3rd fix Water 3rd damage fix pyro 6th move Remove endlag after ragnar counter hits. Fume 2nd fix give Deva Ren,Sen,White beard 3rd move fix fix acrobat style (weapon) ability to use moves during the attack fix damage of snakeman q spec fix handsigns for shiver fourth fix Minakaze 2nd's block breaker. fix damage on Minakaze 3rd. fix damage or stun for snakeman e spec fix Indra Akuma E spec CD to 20 fix cd stun time of deva third fix Mode drain for Rune Konchu fix Fog Dissolution subjustu on Iframe GCD fix Acid slide's iframes fix Minakaze 2nd's iframe fix BIG damage on Snakeman 1st glitch: when you use indra mode and someone use a shiver akuma move/ fireball warp you will get glitched Stone and Cement trail (trails) counter damage stack patch /e fart is broken Alphi Gen 3 timer is above 3 mins (Vinland) Fizz name fix Glitch/Bug: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th moves of Chaos aren't on GCD with its moves on its counterpart skin, Order. Glitch: Sage Reworks can get inf mode by desummoning the clone as soon as they hit 0 mode Bug/Glitch: After usage of snakeman 3rd move(only the normal version,snakeman platinium works fine for some reason),it blocks you from using anything other than x,z and c keybinds. Glitch/Bug: pyromania 6th takes double chi Chaos/Order 2nd move takes no chi Bug: Ragnar and Skin GCD fix Bug: Using Ray Kerada's (and skin) C spec on a log voids you. Glitch: Your character bugs out if someone leaves during the Ray Kerada C spec Glitch: Going into mode with Bruce Kenichi makes him naked.... ( Shindo Storm ) Bug: Senko storm will not work if a player has less than 50k chi, despite the chi cost being 25k. Glitch: Using the gen 1 and gen 2 8 tails mode Z spec can allow you to duplicate C specs. THESE MOVES MELT TAILED BOSSES' HP! | Shindo Life Puppet Combat Art Puppet Customizer Odama Rasengan v2 Dual Raikiri v2 Raikiri v2 Raikiri Senko v2 Rasengan Senko v2 Limited Bloodlines permenantly on Spin System/Buyable, no countdown needed Ashura Shizen Indra 2nd handsign reduced to 1, cooldown reduce to 25, range increase by 5 Minakaze 2nd iframe re-added deva rengoku 3rd handsign reduce to 1 snakeman e spec tick damage buff

UPDATE 171-174 Log:

Game Bonus Day System Mon-Tue: 1.5x RELLcoins Wed-Thurs: 1.5x BOSS DROPS Friday-Sun: 2xp Weekend 173-174 New Game Bonus Day System Chaos and Order rework Gen 3 6 Tailed Beast Gen 3 6 Tailed Beast Boss Fizz EKG Alphi Scythe Bug: Xeno Dokei Azure 1st and 2nd move icons are mismatched Glitch: Gilga 4th is not on counter global cooldown The 5 Main Villages aren't suppose to have bounty hunting. Bounty Hunting only applied with the new mode system changes Glitch: Pyro 4th animation glitch fix 171-172 (Last Update) 2x EXP on entire game 2x EXP buff for F-A (exp changed to 3x) ALL LIMITED ARE RELEASED Max Rank mentor system fix Max rank exp system fix glitch: when you hold your kunai and chi dash, your kunai will glitch until you reset Fume name fix Glitch/Bug: when using Ray Kerada’s C spec and then using the Shikai Hurricane tai sub, voids the person you use it on. Glitch: Apollo Sand M1s Glitch the hands Glitch: Tsunami 2nd Causes MASSIVE drop in frame rate Glitch/bug: Getting hit by a barrage(ryuji axis, raion barrage, azarashi barrage) during water 2nd crashes your game. Glitch/bug: eastwood second not taking any chi on activation. Glitch/Bug: Using sei gen 2 form 1 z spec will allow you to duplicate moves. Glitch/Bug: You are able to mash the E spec of Minakaze 2nd stage so that it duplicates. Glitch/Bug: You can spam Minakaze 2nd Stage Q spec up to 4 times consecutively. Kamaki 3rd Stage Kamaki arena x character Kamaki boss scroll Kamaki companion Kamaki Boss Tyn V2 Boss Yin Yang Gold (Gilga) Tyn Tail Summon subjutsu Kagoku mode unbanned from comp Tyn Tail un banned from comp Yin / Yang rework Dark/Light/Gold Jokei 2nd move, damage buff + small knockback Shiver Akuma 3rd move, tp removed Raion Akuma 1st move, damage buff + medium knockback Satori Akuma 2nd move, damage buff + aircombo Shindai Akuma 1st move, clones last 2x long, aircombo Doku Ten/Scorp 3rd move, endlag added Ragnar/Skin 3rd move, doesnt tp Jinshiki 3rd move, backflips, stun reduced

UPDATE 169-170 Log:

aze Rework + Baryon Minakaze back on spin Minakaze Azure back on spin Minakaze Ruby skin Minakaze 2nd Stage (Baryon) 1/10 Boss Drop Minakaze Tentacion cloak 1st move teleport timestop iframes 1 second 2nd move make faster and block break 3rd move remove gap c spec shadow clone minakaze rush timestop clone combo e spec clone time stop q spec = 1st c spec Gen 3: 5th Tailed Beast animate beast (idle, rest, run, attack1, attack2, attack3, attack 4,tail beast charge, tail beast launch) Set up Boss Battle Stage 1 (Mode) Stage 2 (Mode) Stage 3 (Mode) Stage 4 (Modes) Fume Elemental Bloodline (Boss Drop) 1st q spec taijutsu rush fume fist block break 2nd q spec erupting strong foot (kicks player drags them with u and starts air combo) 3rd q spec AOE explosive fume slam 3rd e spec summons kokuo and shoots explosive fume bullets 4th qspec wing sword multi slash 4th z spec change magma bullets to fume bullets Tentacion Boss Fight (4th Stage)

UPDATE 167-168 Log:

Checklist Fix: shiver, prism, water, lightning streams crash servers 5th Tailed Beast sneak Fix: When players exit game (all game modes) it does not count accurate players in the team in the game modes Azim dual senko time stop teleport aim God Kerada (Ray Kerada) Ray Kerada Yang Fix: Dio Senko q spec glitch Acid acid 1st move: acid body iframe acid 2nd move: posion trail effect explode on contact acid 3rd: acid rain AOE acid 4th: acid slide remake, new mechanics acid 5th: acid wave remake, controllable by moving avatars body acid 6th: acid dragon remake, new prison damage effect Earth first move: earth trail block break 2nd move: gravel stun click point 3rd move: rock dome new effect (iframe) 3rd move: earth dome push back when summoned 4th move: earth sesmic wave AOE 5th move: earth dragon new rock mesh with aoe pillar slam 6th move: recode, aoe knockback Cement 1st move: Cement bullet stun 2nd move: cement counter, pillar summon 3rd move: new dragon effect, block breaks 4th move: cement wave, stun effect 5th move: new cement AOE effect and hitbox fix 6th move: cement fist trap run with fist and strong block break God Kerada Moveset 1st move: super human boulder, blockbreak 2nd move: giant expansion stomp aoe 3rd move: giant expansion barrage, combo extender mode m1s = phoenix fist m1s c spec = phoenix bomb rush (combo ender) q spec = phoenix fist barrage projecitle

UPDATE 165-166 Log:

Checklist Mastery Search Bar Upgrade Moveset Tab upgrade Element/EKG names back to original name Gaint bosses cant be countered Odin Saberu upgrade Odin 3rd move attacks npcs fix Odin first move cd reduce to 30 Mode System reverted in Ember, Dunes, Haze, Nimbus, Obelisk & Dungeons acrobat style sl2 Maru Flame Daggers Shiver Tanto shisui point to aim Rykan Blade rykanblade point to aim Dio Senko Blade point to aim Fixed abilities not damaging bosses Fixed damage stacking with shadow clones Moonknight available to spin Batman available to spin Minakaze 2nd now has iframes Dynamic Stomp Barrage, Skull Crusher has 0 start up, turned into combo ender God Shado 1st move player turns into shadow and runs at person preforming combo 2nd move = shadow grip click 3rd move player turns into shadow and runs around punching people q spec shadow grip c spec yo yo possession Explosive Sand (New) uses apol staff to cast moves aoe 3rd i frame shield protect players and player can't attack not on gcd 2, new concept sand burial trap explosivesand launch hand explosion 2nd q spec block breaker Gale 1st move = gale palm block breaker 2nd move = gale rasengan rush 3rd move aoe hurricane 4 move change Gale Claw, grabs them and brings them to you 5th move = gale rush air combo starter spawn two shadow clones 6th move = gale bullets Combustion com1 change com 2 change leave burn on floor com 3 change move and make it do 2 grand fire balls com4 change mesh and make faster leave burn on floor com5remake to aoe dragons com6 move change Shiver/Gold Lightning shiver 1 = faster shiver 2 = change shiver 3 senbon imporvement shiver 4 change shiver 5 remake click tp Water Remaster water 6 change and aoe explosion hitbox water 3rd water pillar aoe water5 improvement and turn into rush water 3rd water pillar aoe 1st move effect change and splash water 2nd change to controllable and new effect water 4th block break strong/controllable New Player Experience Clean Kage office mission reduce from 1/20 to 1/3 Groceries mission reduce from 1/7 to 1/2 New Players start with 25 Spins Shindo Storm characters cost a lot less reduce to 10k to 100k Shindo Storm Character Moveset changes PTS Raion R/T/F Raion Akuma R/G Azim Senko G Deuce Wanziame F/G Bankai Akuma R/F Bankai Akuma mode R Kabu Cobra R/G (when cement gets remastered) Shindai Akuma F (upgrade to a new fire move) Raion Ren R/T + SL2 Grass Tanto Shiver Akuma R/T/F/G Shiver Akuma Mode G Menza Azarashi R/F (not updated as of yet) Menza Azarashi mode F (not updated as of yet) Forged Rengoku R/T Forged Rengoku Sword of Nonoboku Renshiki G (not updated as of yet) Renshiki Mode G (change to Shiki hurricane) Pika Senko R/T/F/G Light Jokei R/T/G (not updated) Garin Atomic T/F (when chaos/order remaster) (not updated) Garin Atomic R/F (when chaos/order remaster) (not updated) Minakaze T Borumarki T/F/G Borumaki Mode G Ashen Storm Weapon Odin Saberu moveset buff

UPDATE 163-164 Log:

Glitch Fixes You are able to stack moves during the C spec of Doku Tengoku (specifically at the Truth Seeking Orbs portion) Using six paths narumaki third move while in a placelock stun like rykan blade's q spec will cause the user to be unable to use moves or m1. when you do your mentor training, after fighting the mentor half of your bounty will be cut in half because the game counts That you combat logged. Using the c spec on shiver akuma will freeze the user's md bar. Using fog dissolution basically freezes your md. This can be used with mode to gain infinite mode. consumable hold glitch The gold version of Renshiki 2nd does not work at all. When you try to activate the move, it breaks the rest of your moves too. when you use shiver tanto and any rasenshureken rush, you void people dungeons mob cant die Lightning Rework 1st = make it controllable + new effects + makes opponent stay in place 2nd move = effecct change and give m1 priority and 3rd move = effect change and make it faster 4th move turn it into something like cursemark e spec stage 2 6th move = kirin dragon behind player as an effect and instant lighting strike at mouse Flame Rework 1st move effects 2nd move breath remake 3rd move grand flame fireball remake 4th move flame pillar 5th move dragon remake 6th move great dragon flame stun remake Checklist Happy Tailed Beast Staff of Happy Stage 1 of Happy Stage 2 of Happy Stage 4 off Happy Happy Hollow mask design Happy Boss Battle Happy Tentacion Boss Fight Magma EKG eyes for 2nd Tailed Beast Maru eyes for 4th Tailed Beast Happy

UPDATE 161-162 Log:

Checklist PTS Raion drops cursemark rework 1/25 Old Maps spawn times/spawn times placement on new maps fixed Cursemark markings Cursemark wings 3d cursemark animations q spec = break arms rush e spec = black chidori floor nagashi 1st z spec = black chidori lions barrage markings appear effect 2nd q spec = 1st z spec but turned into counter 2nd z spec =black chidori click tp 2nd e spec = black chidori rush new animation for modeup cursemake m1s 4 New Mask + custom mask redesign the last mask uses first mask texture (over head on the side) Lariat Fist (combat art) Wind remaster blade of the wind wind Tornado effect remake Wind Blast Remake Wind bullets spray remake wind vacuum Checklist Narumaki Br
idge Map rework Tempest Map rework Training Field Map Rework Shindai Valley Map Rework set down max rep req to 10k legend players Dont need to take bounty board to gain legend dr fate and strange m1 anims fix Allow moves like Flame breath and Toad Flame martial art to be counterable with the exception of flames already set on the ground like Satori Inferno: Bomb Rush or Toss Glitch/Bug: Eagle summoning just randomly falls down and is unable to fly after a certain period of time. (check glitch august) Glitch: Immortal NPC, Stuck on 0 HP. (check glitch august) Get rid of Inferno's 2nd ability to bypass block Add chi consumption to Inferno Korashi 2nd and 3rd (infernoazarashi, ghostazarashi) Increase Stun on Forged Ren 3rd Fix: Dunes Boss Missions still took 5 minutes Fix: Shoe #10 glitch increase iframes and Lower Endlag on Eastwood Korashi 3rd (Horseman) Wall Walking fixes on Shindai Valley, Tempest,, Narumaki Bridge, Training Field, Blaze, and Forest on Embers make minakaze / minakaze azure c spec play out a bit faster (time in air etc) Strange & fate 2nd and 3rd slow your movement when activated reduce endlag on Shindai 1st C Spec Add Ragdoll to clay 2nd -25 to show on bounty board handsign & cooldown reduction on rab style meteor Cobra/ Kabu Cobra 2nd move removed from iframe GCD Sengoku 1st stage knockback removed remove handsigns on menza 2nd Strange 3rd move damage reduce Event Boss Fighting servers work like private servers remove iframes from dr strange q spec Jokei Fist q spec damage fix Water Dragon Fist q spec buff Purple Lightning/Prism Lightning 6th move removed from GCD4 fix flying bug fix m1 delay jump click slowdown

UPDATE 159-160 Log:

Updates Blaze Village (remastered Ember 250 YC) Mission System Fix Reworked village symbols/map symbols/headband symbols Headband System re-worked, new headbands etc Updated command panel !cmds Mitsuki (SnakeMan) Bloodline SnakeMan Platinum Ryuji Axis remake Azarashi Barrage remake Raion's Barrage remake skull crusher damage buff All of Shindo's Scroll Spawn rarity, spawn rarities set to below 1/10, explanation in video NPC glitch, Lag reduce Storm Village Spawn times transfer to Blaze Village (Storm Village no longer exist, a remaster is coming to Tempest, Storm Village place is being used to create the new Tone Village Grip System Upgrade Shindo Main Menu UI re-work Top Shindo Ranks re-added Shindo overhead UI re-work, villages and ranks added (Coming soon) Gedo Mazo summoning fix Bounty System Redesign and Fix Bounty/Legend bonus stats Bounty System money cap increase (rewards) Being gripped at 1 second won't set back the timer to 4 resetting won't give you full mode bar, won't affect private servers Grip System auto grips when knocked in-combat = can't reset Bounty/Legend won't affect private servers Bounty reset every month Two players with bounty grip eachother they gain legend, should gain bounty Two players with legend grip eachother they lose legend, should lose legend If Bounty player grips Legend player they gain bounty If legend player grips player they lose legend, If legend player grips bounty poster they gain legend. If Legend player grips Legend player they both lose legend. Bounty System won't work on private servers (posters, gaining, or losing) Bounty Dupe glitch fix Bounty System reset Stats Bounty Bonus -1m = +50 in all stats -2m = +100 in all stats -3m = +150 in all stats -4m = +200 in all stats -5m = +250 in all stats -6m = +300 in all stats -7m = +350 in all stats -8m = +400 in all stats -9m = +450 in all stats -10m = +500 in all stats 1m = +50 in all stats 2m = +100 in all stats 3m = +150 in all stats 4m = +200 in all stats 5m = +250 in all stats 6m = +300 in all stats 7m = +350 in all stats 8m = +400 in all stats 9m = +450 in all stats 10m = +500 in all stats Rank Exp Bonus F 1.5x EXP D 1,2,3 | 1.8, 1.9, 2.0 C 1,2,3 | 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 B 1,2,3 | 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 A 1,2,3 | 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 S 1,2,3 | 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 V 1,2,3 | 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 X 1,2,3 | 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 Y 1,2,3 | 3.9, 4.0, 4.2 Z 1,2,3 | 4.4, 4.6, 4.8 Max 5x EXP

UPDATE 153-158 Log:

157-158 Updates New Forest of Embers map redesign (less lag) Boss Timer set down from 5 minutes to 3 minutes Sparky boss Sparky Animations Spark tailed beast 3d assets 1st q spec water stream explosion 2nd q spec water stream prison 3rd q spec water shell spear hyper armour 3rd e spec isobu summon multi water stream hit stage 2-3 m1s 4th q spec Spear of Sparky weapon Spear of Sparky 3d asset Gen 3 Mode design Surge: 2nd move =water stream Surge: 1st move coral trap placement Surge: 3rd move tidal wave coral trap Gen 3 cloak design Sparky Tentacion Fight 5 Toneri cloak for rc shop Spear of Sparky Weapon Shindai Rengoku & Shindai Ramen drip for RC Store New Taijutsu Move: Skull Crusher 155-156 Updates Shiver Ragnar (skin) Azure Dokei (skin) 13 New Shoes with official Shindo Palette Hair 0 = bald hair Hair 2 customization addition 10 Dawn Cloaks (for gamepass) (stuff for open world, not gonna list it here) 153-154 Updates Ryuji Cave Shiki Forest firebending counter fix Kenjutsu 2nd Slug Sage equip seconday to bloodline bag for kenjutsu main and secondary q spec button switch Slug cloak design etc Fix & Balance Effects being stuck due to laggy devices/resetting/exploits/etc. fixed Rykan Shizen Blade cd increase by 5 Shindo Blade buff Raion Blade removed from stun gcd, damage reduced Tsunami Style: Water Jet Canon removed from autododge gcd and placed on gcd12 Magma Spirit Bomb chi reduced Eternal 3rd move endlag reduced Jayramaki/Azure m1 knockback removed Sengoku/Sengoku 1st move Inferno endlag reduced Raion Gaiden/Sengoku Gaiden endlag reduced Ragnar 3rd move added to GCD 2 (global counter/iframe) Inferno 2nd move added to GCD 12 (iframe attack) Vanhelsign 3rd move removed from autododge gcd, damage reduced Strange/Fate Q spec iframe reduced Bruce Kenichi stats buff Slug Sage fix Arahaki Jokei air combo move doesnt take stamina, moved to taijutsu tab, now a taijutsu move Shindai Akuma 1st move doesn't take chi Bankai/Riser inferno 1st move stun glitch fix Dungeon NPC infinite hp glitch fix Sand 3rd move break fix vine 3rd move double chi take fix storm 3rd move damage stack fix Boil 3rd move damage stack fix e spec no cooldown fix Dokei 2nd move and Azim 1st move glitch Deva Rengoku/Sengoku/Gura 3rd move doesn't take the correct amount of chi fix !tenctacion just as Tailed spirit mode is about to run out you get infinite baryon mode fix if you use bankai gen then pika subjutsu blind then dagai throwable blind in that order, as quick as possible, it blinds your screen permanently until you rejoin. fix Shiki Hurricane scroll unable to pick up fix Azim Senko 1st move damage stack fix A bunch of Poision damage adjustments fix

UPDATE 153-158 Log:

Dungeon Rarities Dio Senko rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/12 Arahaki Jokei rarity reduce from 1/75 to 1/12 Tengoku rarity reduce from 1/65 to 1/18 Rengoku rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/20 Sengoku rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/20 Bankai Akuma rarity reduce from 1/75 to 1/15 Rykan Shizen rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/16 Raion Rengoku rarity reduce from 1/65 to 1/16 Shindai Akuma rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/15 Eastwood Korashi rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/14 Jayramaki Azure rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/14 Event Drops Jinshiki drops jinshiki ekg (1/15) Kagoku drops bloodline (1/20) Shindai Rengoku boss drop reduce to 1/20 Shindai Rengoku Yang is off true limited Checklist Deva Rengoku boss drop (old c spec) BOSSDROPDevaold Narumaki Toad Boss Jayramaki Toad Boss Narumaki rework Sage Mode Drop Jayramaki rework Sage Mode Drop Shindai Ramen Guy skin Jayramaki Sage REWORK ( m1s = frog
attack, q spec = summon frog disabled m1s, z spec = toad flame bomb ) Narumaki Sage REWORK ( m1s = frog attack, q spec = summon frog disabled m1s, z spec = knife combo e spec for both sages mode to spawn clone that meditates and can reheal mode New Location: Mount Maki Redesign Game Map Hud Add Event Bosses to Map Hud New Sage Mode Robe: Jayramaki Sage New Sage Mode Robe: Narumaki Sage Deva Rengoku old c spec turn into a BOSS Drop Fixed Minakami 400k one spec move

UPDATE 151-152 Log:

Dungeon Rarities Dio Senko rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/12 Arahaki Jokei rarity reduce from 1/75 to 1/12 Tengoku rarity reduce from 1/65 to 1/18 Rengoku rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/20 Sengoku rarity reduce from 1/70 to 1/20 Bankai Akuma rarity reduce from 1/75 to 1/15 Rykan Shizen rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/16 Raion Rengoku rarity reduce from 1/65 to 1/16 Shindai Akuma rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/15 Eastwood Korashi rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/14 Jayramaki Azure rarity reduce from 1/80 to 1/14 Event Drops Jinshiki drops jinshiki ekg (1/15) Kagoku drops bloodline (1/20) Shindai Rengoku boss drop reduce to 1/20 Shindai Rengoku Yang is off true limited Checklist Deva Rengoku boss drop (old c spec) BOSSDROPDevaold Narumaki Toad Boss Jayramaki Toad Boss Narumaki rework Sage Mode Drop Jayramaki rework Sage Mode Drop Shindai Ramen Guy skin Jayramaki Sage REWORK ( m1s = frog attack, q spec = summon frog disabled m1s, z spec = toad flame bomb ) Narumaki Sage REWORK ( m1s = frog attack, q spec = summon frog disabled m1s, z spec = knife combo e spec for both sages mode to spawn clone that meditates and can reheal mode New Location: Mount Maki Redesign Game Map Hud Add Event Bosses to Map Hud New Sage Mode Robe: Jayramaki Sage New Sage Mode Robe: Narumaki Sage Deva Rengoku old c spec turn into a BOSS Drop Fixed Minakami 400k one spec move

UPDATE 149-150 Log:

Last Week reverts/fixes Dynamic Stomp Barrage startup changed to knuckles cracking Storm Breaker Slight damage buff Raion Gaiden/Sengoku Gaiden re-added to FGH Narumaki 3rd move, moved to STUN 2, cooldown decreased Fixes Glitch Fix: Shiki Hurricane teleporting behind Glitch Fix: Attempt to fix hair 1st fling Glitch Fix: Light/Dark/Gold jokei 1st double chi take Glitch Fix: Saberu 2nd double chi take Glitch Fix: Pyromania 4th move double chi take Glitch Fix: spam blocking flying glitch Glitch Fix: Raion Ren/Azure/Sen 2nd move spamming twice Glitch Fix: Dynamic Stomp Barrage added to VBN Glitch Fix: Bruce Dragon Combo added to VBN Glitch Fix: Sei (gen 1 and 2) and Rabbit tailed spirit being able to use their Z specs multiple times Glitch Fix: Sei (gen 1 and 2) and Rabbit tailed spirit being able to duplicate moves. Kenichi moves won't have handsign startup, changed to knuckles cracking Ryuji Kenichi moves won't have handsign startup, changed to knuckles cracking Kenichi 3rd move: ragdoll increased Dangan Beast m1 ragdolls Misc Deva Sengoku spinnable & buyable Tyn Cloak (both cloaks) prices reduced Gura-Rengoku skin (Deva Rengoku) Deva Rengoku rework Deva quake effect move 1 quake autotracking sphere move 2 quake barrage rush move 3 giant AOE quake rain meteors ontop almighty push q spec = gravity field C spec counter chibaku tensei New Deva Rengoku, open pts dawn robe Narumaki rework Narumaki original stage 1 c spec glitch fix (no effect) Narumaki 3rd move chi reduced Narumaki 1st move range buff Narumaki Ruby moveset color fixed Narumaki m1 knock back removed Remove timer from Narumaki 2nd mode hyperarmour/invincible wont be slow stunned or affected by m1s anymore Ashen Storm rework Ashen Storm moded m1 knockback removed 1st move: teleports kicks into aircombo, instead of teleporting in and out 2nd move: reduce effects 3rd move: lightning blade rush but with lightning (menza based) q spec: turn current c spec to q spec c spec: ashen storm sub jutsu base, turn it into a storm lock, long stun Inferno rework Inferno 1st move free control/ air combo starter Inferno 1st move, Hyper Armour time increase (m1 priority) Inferno 2nd turned into a flight/travel move Inferno 3rd move leaves behind burn aoe

UPDATE 147-148 Log:

renshiki axe commands !renaxe random !renaxe ruby !renaxe green !renaxe gold Checklist Fixed Worm Sage m1s stacking with bloodlines Fixed equipping more then 4 bloodline abilities Fixed GCD cooldown with swords "STUN" Shiro Glacier stats buff Sub Zero Glacier Skin Shiro Glacier m1 knockback removed Doku 3rd move counter lock onto person Doku m1 knockback removed Cobra 1st move handsign reduced cobra m1 knockback removed, poison damage re-addeds 150k perfect block 2 second iframe added rc show all genkais Kenichi 1st sub out Can't Counter Burn Damage rc shop re-design all burn damage dont activate counters dynamic stomp sub out uzumaki barrage sub out vengeance grapple sub out vengeance rush sub out inferno combustion grip burn sub out bruce1 sub out bruce 2 sub out bruce 3 sub out kenichi 1sub out glacier 2nd sub out Acrobat Style sub out gates form 6 escape renshiki axe combo escape rune knocho 2nd escape Mecha Tailed Spirit 2nd mode chi take reduce Sword of Nunoboko, Spear of Tyn (WEAPON) yin/yang 1st move damage fix strange 3rd move damage fix sound 2nd move damage fix pyromania 6th move damage fix, double chi take fix Jotaro,Giovani stage 2 damage fix Crystal 2nd move damage fix Kerada 2nd damage fix Divination & Ryuiji passive dodge nerf, unbanned from competitive Minakaze 2nd buff: iframes when 2nd rasengan starts Ember Rising range reduce and hitbox fix Two Blade Scythe, SL2 Chi Kunai, Chi Kunai range reduce Light,Dark,Gold Jokei c spec range reduce Kenjutsu Q Spec Start Ups, 2 seconds Typhoon 2nd move nerf Storm Breaker nerf Raion Gaiden/Sengoku 2nd move range reduce Thunder/Shiver Ken 2nd move iframe removed, range reduce Narumaki SP 3rd move damage reduced on GCD 12 Riser Akuma fix knockback on the susanoo m1s Dokei's 1st, Dokei's 2nd, Dokei C spec (Stages 1 and 2), Seishin 2nd, Xeno Boss Drop Subjustu, Bankai & Riser Inferno's 3rd ability Bypassing the 150k block system. Being able to use click moves while Strange bloodline allowed you to use the C spec 3 times Give Dynamic Stomp an activation Air Combos allowing move cloning 2 Tyn Cloaks RC Shop rc ui redesigned

UPDATE 145-146 Log:

Tyn Re-work remove sword of nun from 3 remove timer block passive remove form 3 Remake M1S Form 1 3D asset for ten tails summon Remake m1s form 2 sword of nunoboko form 1 z spec truth seeking saucer orbs wrap around opponent in stun then orbs explode from 1 q spec rush truth seeker orb spear form 1 e spec summon ten tails beast bomb block spec from 2 e spec counter ten tails summon beast bomb multi tailbeast bombs from 2 q spec rush into sword of nunoboko redo ten tail dragon animations (messed up with size reduction) ability to use WW during dangan counter make dangan c spec take damage reduction and cant be knocked off Make samurai spirit remove with boss 3D MODEL truth seeking orb block circle tentail revamp Tyn Form 1 drip tentail remake dragon (smaller + better flight for xbox) remake z spec tail beast bombs (faster and better effects) right click in laser gen1 revamp change mode up effect to glass shattering New epic mode for ten tail SFX rework tyn and tentails form 2 drop Tyn Form 2 drip redo gen 1 10 tail beast run animation (tails block screen and animation is broken) test dungeon exp and tp back dungeon rewards test/fix Checklist Moveset saving Bloodline bag Sarachia Arena Character Lightning Shuriken Subjutsu fix Sarachia 3rd move iframe fix Sarachia 2nd move, turn knock back into burn, activates on blocking Sarachia 1st move fix,
 lightning shuriken hit stun fix Azim Senko buff Azim Senko c Spec, damage increase Azim Senko 3rd move damage buff, handsign reduce Bolt buff Bolt 2nd move hit stun increase, handsign removed Bolt 1st move handsign reduce Sarachia Boss (Ember) Sarachia Re-work buff Dungeons accessible without having requirements of 6 new game hud Remove Gladiator and use map to Arena X/ Shindo Storm music added to arena maps Sarachia Companion - (Susanoo spawns spawns with boss fight, Sarachia Boss) Bankai, Shiver, Raion, Satori, Shindai, Sarachia, Riser regular akuma boss scroll spawn (Shindai Valley) Dungeons Give Exp Dungeons Give Ryo Gen 1 Tyn Tail Dungeon Dungeon tracking distance fix Gen 1 Tyn Tail Fix Gen 2 Tyn Tail Anims/Size fix New Tournament System Map / Game Mode (OACB Rules) New rewards in dungeons Tournament system gives ryo and exp Tournament system gives RELL Coins Tournament System UI to show whats available lower health of all full samurai spirits to 800,000 Fixed Duel Mode count, in duels it will be 10,000 cant escape arena (Tournament System) Azim Senko boss drop, Azim Senko Dagai Throwable Daily Mission changes New: Defeat Boss 4x remove: perfect block daily mission New: Complete 10 Duels on dueling pad New: Play Gamemode for 20 mins

UPDATE 141-144 Log:

Checklist All Renshiki variants available to spin All Dawn Hideout bosses available in Vinland Renshiki boss placed in Vinland fix bruce c spec move stacking while in cutscene fix bruce kenichi 1st move voiding issue fix Kenjutsu Trail set to off permenantly, turn on in ui auto tracking re-added to black lightning 1st move customization menu map hud teleport vinland Renshiki Ruby color upgrade Renshiki Ruby New Village: Vinland (New Obelisk) Renshiki Gold Change renshiki axe (boss drop) Renshiki Remastered renshiki form 2 boss drop New Taijutsu mode: Hurricane Kick into high air combo Wire Kunai (Throwable) Last Pyromania move doesn't take chi fix Sengoku Gaiden Idle animations fix elemental m1s for renshiki 1st from 2 c spec = dragon trap pheonix explosion form 2 e spec = 1st c spec form 2 q spec = stays the same form 2 = monkey rock C spec 1 = Deep Crimson Spiral 3rd move = giant chi bomb thing Q spec 1 = Pheasant Hunter 1st move add eye on hand and absorb players chi if they attack the plr 2nd move change to rush combo attack

UPDATE 139-140 Log:

Important Game Mode command team swap command for conquest, arena x and shindo storm (when team has less players) !team red - !team blue - !team green - !team yellow Checklist Bruce Kenichi Dr Fate Skin upgrade: m1 delays to air combo white list abilities Konchu C Spec damage fix Konchu 3rd move handsign reduce Konchu 2nd move damage buff Paper C Spec, cooldown reduce, auto tracking speed increase Paper 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase, handsign reduced Paper 2nd move chi reduced Paper 1st move re-balanced, chi take reduce, cd increase, dmg fix Glacier C Spec speed increase Glacier 3rd move handsign reduce, auto tracking speed increased Glacier 1st move handsign reduce Dokei C Spec damage buff Dokei 3rd move faster auto tracking Dokei 1st move have same movement at Batman 1st Ember Hurricane buff Light/Dark/Gold Jokei Stage 1-3 m1 knockback removed Kamizuru m1 poison damage buff Seishin C spec damage increased Seishin moded m1 knockback removed saberu 2nd move damage added to clones (12k per clone) dangan q spec buff dangan beast summon last m1 block break dangan mode knockback removed sand z spec damage reduce sand mode combat knock removed sand 2nd takes more chi byakugan gold/ byakugan Q Spec new movement Kenichi stm take reduce on all moves Kenichi 1st handsign removed Kenichi 2nd move aoe buff Kenichi 2nd stage passive auto dodge nerf black lightning mode 1 sec iframe added, z spec damage increase black lightning 3rd move breaker removed placed to 1st, cd reduce black lightning 2nd move range increase cd reduce black lightning 1st move turned into blockbreaker, auto tracking removed, speed increase Azarashi 1st stage endlag remove infinite m1 patch v2 Q spec fix Storm 3rd move aoe reduce, handsigns removed, 2 second iframe added, GCD 2 Storm 2nd move damage increase, auto tracking/hitbox improved Storm 1st move range fix, damage fix Ink 3rd move chi reduce, damage increase Shizen 2nd move damage re shuffle. sleep stun damage Wanziame Z Spec hitbox fix, slow's down opponent, speed buff Wanziame 1st move auto tracking speed increase Handsigns removed from Kerada 1st move Kokotsu Q Spec knock back removed, damage fix Paper Q Spec, paper shuriken, add explosion effect, rotate shuriken Okami 3rd move remake (arena version) Okami c spec re make Minakami (Shirogane) q spec turret flame thrower Konchu 1st move damage counter fix Konchu M1 no knockback chi drain fix Kokotsu (kaguya) 2nd move have same movement at batman 1st Wanziame (hoshigaki) z spec cooldowns down after it's activated Giovanni/Jotaro 2nd stage knockback removed Giovanni + Jotaro 2nd mode drain reduced heavily Jotaro visual changes dangan block break fix

UPDATE 133-138 Log:

Checklist New Wall Walk System Azarashi Kunai Storm Breaker Apol Staff monkey becomes companion and op cause ember bias all akuma's buff no knock back in rib, skeletal, compact susanoo Rune Koncho Strange some balances but I forgot what the balances were cause I wont write them down some buffs with kaijin kaijin 2nd move buff kaijin 3rd move buff (knock back rework) New Wall Walk System Functions dashing on walls jutsu on walls movement on walls manuevering on wlals knockback on walls camera system other update Apol Beast Stage 1 Animate the beast Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 New Beast Bomb Moon Knight skin New Conquest map 1st stage z spec = tail beast bomb 1st stage m1s 2nd stage z spec = mini tail beast cero 3rd stage z spec giant body cero 4th stage zspec tail beast cero combo 4th stage m1s (full beast m1s) stage 4 punch animations qspec 3 = suna explosion e spec 4 tail beast beast cero bomb q spec 4 = summon tail beast and do a rush combo with sand spear 2nd + 3rd stage m1s sand hand combat stage 1 wind slice animations hollow animations mode up animation mentor fight tail beast for 4th stage Dio Senko original eye upgrade fixed Dio Senko Azure 1st mode Spec Dio Senko Rose fix infinite m1s narumaki sixpaths ability new m1 effects and animation q spec = counter shadow clone rasengan barrage e spec turn into current C spec c spec = planetary massive rasenshuriken Checklist narumaki cloak and staffs narumaki toad sage mode 2 sub log duration buff to 4 seconds, range increased, placed on GCD 2 Raion Gaiden Uniform damage counter jinshiki event server Jinshiki ekg Jinshiki mode Raion Gaiden mode and stuff bunch of balances yeah

UPDATE 132 Log:

Checklist Raion Gaiden (Mode drop will be in event) move 1 black flame Lightning Susanoo kirin dragons move 2 chibakutensei meteor blaze chidori move 3 susanoo combo into pull aircombo Narumaki SP 2nd Mode q spec = counter shadow clone rasengan barrage e spec turn into current C spec c spec = planetary massive rasenshuriken Raion Gaiden Uniform (2 Variants) sub log duration buff to 4 seconds, range increased, placed on GCD 2 New Block and Dodge System (with damage count/combo damage count) fix npc attacks m1 (0.5x damage), m2 (0.5x damage), m3 (1x damage), m4 (2x damage), m5 (1.5x damage) Martial Arts only have 5 m1's, including ryuji/kenichi others with multiple m1s Air Combo (Space Spec) Damage fix: this did no damage, (1k stamina drain) Air Combo (Jump/Space) Damage fix: this did no damage Air Combo (Q Spec) Damage fix on first hit and buff overall damage (1k stamina drain) Air combo: regular damage on all three m1's Ink C Spec buff (Counters Not Allowed in Mid Combo)(GCD2) Azim 1st move (duration increase to 3 seconds, can use combat during the end) Chaos/Order 5h move (chi reduce,
damage increased) Dangan 2nd move (move redesigned, can use combat towards the end in hydrification, removed from midcombo) Dark/Light/Gold Jokei 2nd move (frame duration increase to 2.5 seconds) Deva Ren/Sen 3rd move (was buffed recently) Forged Ren/Sen 2nd move (mode drain reduced) Shiver Akuma 3rd move (duration increase from 1.5 to 2.5) Saberu 3rd move (duration increase from 2 to 3) Sarachia/Gold 3rd move (duration timer fix, speedboost added) Raion Akuma 1st move (duration timer increase from 1.5 seconds to 2.5) Satori Ren/Gold 2nd move (move rework with accurate definitive damage hitbox, 40k output at 5k stats) Sengoku 3rd move (no changes, already busted) Satori Akuma 2nd move (duration increase from 1.5 to 2.5, fixed duration timer) Smoke 3rd move Borumaki/Gold 2nd move Ghost/Inferno Korashi 1st move Kamaki/Amethyst 3rd move Odin Saberu 1st move Shindai Akuma 1st move (instacast, counter 2.5 seconds, duration effect fix, clones won't knockback, can block mid move) Typhoon 3rd move (instacast, chi reduction to use move) Minakami 3rd move (damage reduction, iframe reduce to 2 secs) Jokei 2nd move Firebolt Broomstick (Speed nerf) Shindai Prime Blade/SL2 (Weapon)(iframe duration 2.5, cooldown glitch fix) Reaper Spirit/Halloween/SL2 (handsigns removed, endlag reduce by half, mode drain reduced) Sand 3rd move (3 second iframe added) (this was already on GCD 2) Tsunami Style: Water Jet Canon (BOSS DROP) (ragdolls at the end instead of push up) Hydra Style: Liquefy (BOSS DROP) (2.5 second frame) Raion Style: Inferno Armour Control (BOSS DROP) (iframe added) (increase frame of 2.5 seconds) (this was already on GCD 2) Doku Ten/Scorp 3rd move (Autododge: Not Allowed in Mid Combo)(GCD2) Gio/Jotaro Shizen 2nd move (duration increased to 5 seconds) Bankai 1st move (duration increased to 5 seconds) (speed boost added) Dio Senko/Azure 1st move (duration increased to 4 seconds) (speed boost upgraded) Renshiki/Gold 1st Akuma 2nd move (increased from 3.5 to 5.5 seconds) Vine 2nd move Raion Ren/Sen/Azure 2nd move (move reverted to normal prime state) (Dodges/Counters Allowed in Mid Combo) (GCD2) Body Replacement Subjutsu technique (Range increased, Duration increased, place on GCD 2) (Breakaway) (GCD9) >Bankai Inferno 1st move >Riser Inferno 1st move >Vanishing Image Subjutsu technique >Kamaki/Amethyst 2nd move (Iframe Attack) (Not Allowed Mid Combo) (GCD12) (not the full list of moves) Sengoku/Inferno 1st move Raion Style: Rengoku Inferno Spirit Blade Riser Akuma 1st move Morbius 2nd move Jokei 3rd Arahaki Jokei 3rd Narumaki Six Path 3rd move Glacier 2nd move Pika 2nd move (Damage increased, flight speed reduce for control, hitbox size increase) Satori Akuma 1st Raion Gaiden 2nd (Redesigned Autododges) Satori Akuma 1st move (No longer an autododge move, a close-range move similar to Jokei's 128 palms) Riser Akuma 1st move (removed from auto dodge gcd added to GCD 12 iframe GCD) (this is an iframe attack that tps back to a location similar to Sengoku 1st and Raion Style: Rengoku Inferno Spirit Blade) (iframe frame reduced) Others: Morbius 2nd move (moved from GCD 4 to GCD 12, counted as iframe attack) Reality Talk removed from GCD 2 (iframes reduce from 6 to 1) (troll move) Hurricane Fist Flight Speed reduced

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