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In this post, we will cover all the available Stranded Deep cheats, cheat codes, and console commands. Stranded Deep is a survival video game released on January 23, 2015, by Beam Team, an Australian video game development studio. The game is available on multiple desktop and console platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, and macOS. The players control the survivor of a plane crash, and they must explore an isolated tropical island while trying to survive.

To make life a bit (or a lot) more manageable, players can activate the developer console, just like in most PC games, and activate Stranded Deep cheats and other game tweaks. You can activate simple features using the console, like displaying the game’s FPS, or even activate powerful cheats such as God Mode.

How to use the Developer Console in Stranded Deep and Activate Cheats

The good news is that the Developer console is activated by default in Stranded Deep, so all you have to do is pre the “\” key to bring it up in a pop-up window. The tilde “~” can also bring up the console, like in most games. Stranded Deep console commands have a particular template, where you have to enter a command and then add “True” or “False” to enable or disable its effect. But skipping this part toggles the effects on/off.

List of Stranded Deep console commands and cheats list

At this point, let’s have a look at the actual console commands and their effects:

How to spawn items in Stranded Deep

First, you must activate the full-fledged developer console with “dev.console True.” Afterward, you can type “/” to bring up an interface that allows you to point to an in-game spot and spawn select an item to spawn at that post.

This is all the information you will need to take advantage of the developer console in Stranded Deep and enter cheat codes, alter in-game settings, or create items.

Stranded Deep tips and tricks

Here are some vital tips to ensure your success in Stranded Deep if you don’t want to rely on cheats and console commands:

  • Be patient, save a lot, and don’t be afraid to re-load to take yourself out of a tough spot.
  • Create as many water filters as possible because water resources are scarcer than food.
  • Focus on harvesting fibers and cassava first, as cassava and small palm trees respawn in a couple of days.
  • Avoid toxicity. The general rule of thumb for life but do not to engage with toxic wildlife, such as lionfish, snakes, moray eels, and more. I won’t spoil them all here.
  • While coconuts are extremely useful, eating more than two in a row will cause stomach pains and vomiting, so don’t overdose on them.
  • It is better to focus on the fishing spear than the fishing rod as it is faster and more efficient.
  • Your shelter is primarily a cosmetic extra rather than something useful in the game, so don’t spend resources on decorating it.
  • Speaking of resources, except for plant seeds and fibers, everything else won’t respawn, so this game needs excellent resource management. Nothing is abundant on the island, so be wise with your crafting decisions.
  • The hunting spear is more than enough for hunting wildlife, so you don’t have to invest in the bow.
  • Pay attention to item durability. Don’t overuse and risk not having them when you need them most.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and always leave marks so that you won’t get lost and end up exploring the exact location again and again.
  • Build a raft as soon as possible and upgrade it to a raft with a sail or motor to move across islands swiftly and efficiently.


That concludes our Stranded Deep console commands, cheats, tips, and tricks guide. Make sure also to check our other cheat code posts.

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