Top 8 Killer Minecraft Hotel Designs and Ideas – 2022

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With Minecraft, players have limitless opportunities to build anything from cozy cottages to huge kingdoms. While there is nothing better than having a safe hideout away from mobs, building a hotel can be a great way to house friends and family. 

If you’re thinking to build a hotel for the first time, it will be difficult to start. Therefore, this guide will help you draw inspiration from top Minecraft Hotel Ideas and Designs.

#1 Mini Sized Hotel – HALNY

A three-story vintage-style hotel design by HALNY that is perfect for building on the outskirts of the town. The hotel’s foundation is composed of white quartz stairs, while the glass panel windows allow natural light to pass through the bedroom, making it appear brighter and more open. 

The entire fence of the hotel is made of dark oak. Each room is lit with lanterns and chest drawers where you can keep your belongings. All-in-all, it’s a minimalistic hotel design that gives off vintage vibes. 

#2 Extraordinary Hotel Design – BBlocks

Do you want to get a next-level luxurious hotel experience? This hotel design by BBlocks is a masterpiece. It will remind you of your perfect getaway trip because it’s that realistic. 

You’ll find various amenities all in one place including an amazing water-themed park where you can slide in the water slide and have a time of your life. There is a fully functional elevator to reach the desired floor. From indoor gaming areas to coffee machines to luxurious rooms, you’re getting a complete package. You wouldn’t go wrong with this design.

#3 Hotel Tower Design – FugoCraft

One of the huge Hotel Tower Designs by FugoCraft is mind-blowing. The hotel’s facade is white and is complemented by glass windows that allow you to see through the inside. The hotel tower comes to life with greenery and lights. 

You’ll find a swing pool as well where players can enjoy some me time. Overall, this design is a great addition to a developed city with a hustle and bustle life. 

#4 Cozy Hotel Design – HALNY 

A fancy hotel by HALNY that looks aesthetically pleasing with yellow and crimson blocks. The color palette of the hotel gives a cozy and vibrant look that is eye-captivating. Anyone passing through the hotel would peek into the hotel exterior. 

A limited number of rooms are available in this small hotel. The swimming pool and rest area are both located at the center of the complex. Moreover, in the corridor, there is a comfortable sitting area where you can chill with your friends and family. 

#5 Innovative Hotel – HALNY

HALNY doesn’t disappoint with its innovative hotel designs. This hotel is constructed from polished andesite and smoothed quartz blocks. A wooden touch is given that seamlessly goes well with the foundation of the hotel. It’s unlike any other hotel you’ve ever seen. This type of hotel is appropriate for an outskirt location. 

All rooms are furnished with wooden interiors and decorated with frames, chest drawers, and lanterns. There is a poolside as well as a barbecue area. All in all, it’s a complete package.

#6 Sky Tower Hotel – cubeflash

This tutorial by Cubeflash shows you how you can build a hotel that speaks to the sky. Having an eye-catching exterior is one of the most important elements in building a hotel that attracts players. And then comes the interior which you can design according to your preference. 

The hotel makes use of easily available materials like black stained glass and white concrete. The height depends upon you. You can build it as high as you want to. Also, there is a nice swimming area at the corner. Overall, this sky tower hotel is made of perfection.

#7 Contemporary Hotel Design – Shock Frost

Building a modern-day hotel doesn’t have to be difficult – thanks to Shock Frost who has come up with an easy-to-build hotel design made from white and gray quartz blocks. From a distance, you can see the beauty of the rooms through glass windows.

There is a passageway that leads you to the lobby area where players can book their rooms or spend some time in the waiting area. Each hotel room has its own storage room where you can store your belongings. A terrace offers a view of the blue sky that will give you peace of mind. Overall, this design is made with careful consideration of the player’s needs.

#8 City Hotel – HALNY

HALNY builds a unique hotel made from bricks and grey stones that reflect the city’s infrastructure. Bricks and white concrete complement each other. Speaking of the interior, it has an old-school design that looks remarkable. The inside is adorned with plants and a sofa set. Overall, it has a very sleek design that ticks all the boxes of how a city hotel should be. 

Final Thoughts

First-time hotel construction isn’t easy because it involves creativity and aesthetics. Developing both of these skills can make you a builder expert in no time. Happy crafting!

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