Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart (v1.0.114)

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Evolution is a game mechanic in Vampire Survivors that typically changes a base weapon to a stronger evolved weapon using a passive item as a catalyst. Evolved weapons typically inherit most of the base weapon stats with extra effects. The Vampire Survivors evolution chart below contains all the base weapon and passive item requirements for all the available evolutions in the game.

Vampire Survivors Evolution Requirements

The de facto requirement for weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors is that the weapon must be fully leveled. Passive items typically don’t need to be leveled up. However, three evolution combinations require a max-level passive item (denoted with an * in the table below).

Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart

How to complete the Weapon Evolution

Once the base weapon and passive item requirements are met, the player must open Treasure Chest with an evolution-type reward. In most stages, these chests are dropped by bosses that spawn at or after the 10-minute mark. However, there are a few exceptions.

The Treasure Chest will grant an evolved weapon as its first reward instead of the usual random upgrade.

On evolution, the base weapon is typically removed, and the evolved weapon is added. However, the passive item will remain intact.

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