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Warframe players can already find the list of Warframe promo codes on our website, but there is another, more regular reward system in Warframe we have not talked about so far. The Daily Tribute system has been around since December 3, 2015, as a replacement for the old Login Reward system.

What is Daily Tribute in Warframe?

Daily tribute is nothing more than the typical login reward system that you will find in many games these days. Daily tribute is a feature that aims to retain player engagement, as it rewards players for logging into the game once per day.

Warframe‘s days reset at midnight, and that’s when a new reward from the Daily Tribute reward pool becomes available once you log in. Additionally, players receive rewards once they achieve a Milestone, a preset number of login days. The more you play, the higher the milestones will be, and thus, you will receive better milestone rewards.

Remember that the reward system in Warframe does not rely on login streaks and that you won’t skip a day’s reward if you don’t log in that day.

Daily Tribute Reward List

While we don’t have the exact drop rates from Daily Tribute items, increasing your Mastery Rank also seemed to increase the chances of getting rare daily rewards by 5%. However, this would cause all rewards to be rare once players hit MR 20, so I think this feature is not active anymore.


Milestones are rewards you will receive every 50 days, starting from day zero and up to your 1000th day in the game.

Evergreen rewards

Warframe’s update 23.10 introduced Evergreen rewards. These are rewards you receive from day 1050 and on, for every 50 days you login to the game. The player will be presented with one of three choice groups (these will keep rotating every 50 days), each one offering three different reward choices:

  • Evergreen Choices A (choose one):
    • Armory Cache (4x Weapon Slots)
    • Exilus Cache (3x Exilus Adapter)
    • Forma Cache (3x Forma)
  • Evergreen Choices B (choose one):
    • 7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource, & Resource Drop Chance)
    • Endo Cache (30,000 Endo)
    • Kuva Cache (50,000 Kuva)
  • Evergreen Choices C (choose one) (includes 3x Riven Slots):
    • 3x Melee Riven (2 Melee and 1 Zaw Riven)
    • 3x Rifle Riven
    • 3x Secondary Riven

Finally, as of Warframe’s update 23.10 players receive 25,000 credits and 1,000 Endo on their fifth login day.


This pretty much covers everything you need to know about Warframe rewards. For more Warframe material make sure to check our Warframe guides.

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