Your Bizarre Adventure Tier List: Best Stands in YBA

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Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure, or YBA, is the most popular Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-themed fighting game on the platform and one of the best games you can play. In the game, you will follow the main storyline quest led by the ever-present NPC Giorno Giovanna. Of course, Stands and Fighting Styles are here to help you in this bizarre adventure, as using them will unlock powerful skills in fights.

Our Your Bizarre Adventure Tier list will help you identify the best Stands to pursue, as we have ranked them into four tiers:

  • S+: The best Stands in the game
  • S: Not on par with the top-ranked Stands but great options regardless
  • A: Solid options, especially if you are skilled in PvP
  • B: Decent Stands with good utility
  • C: Stands you should avoid or evolve ASAP
  • D: Evolve ASAP

YBA Stand Forms

Before we proceed with our YBA Stands Tier List, it is essential to explain how stands work in the game.

Base Forms

23 Stands can be obtained from a Stand Arrow or Mysterious Arrow. These spawn all around the map and are very easy to find. However, before using a Stand Arrow, you must first level up and assign points in the Skill Tree to increase your Worthiness to Worthiness I. Ideally, you should aim for Worthiness II to avoid being turned to stone.

4 Stands from the Steel Ball Run Universe (Part 7) can be obtained from a Rib Cage of the Saint’s Corpse. These also spawn all around the map, but it is recommended that you use them with a higher level of Worthiness to avoid being turned to stone.

Evolved Forms

Some of the Stands you acquire have an evolved form that can be unlocked using a Requiem Arrow on the Stand (requires Worthiness V). However, not every Stand that can be evolved with a Requiem Arrow is a Requiem Stand; some are just Evolved forms or Evolved Stands (we have denoted them in the table below).

Tusk Action has special requirements for each evolution form. Check the table for details on how to evolve each form.

D4C can evolve to DAC: Love Train by using Heart of the Saint’s Corpse. Heart of the Saint’s Corpse can be acquired from the Arcade or by completing Still Ball Run.

Your Bizarre Adventure Tier List – Best Stands in YBA

Below is our complete Your Bizarre Adventure Tier List, along with how to obtain each Stand and Stand Rarities for Stands obtainable from Mysterious Arrows and Rib Cages of the Saint’s Corpse.

This concludes our Your Bizarre Adventure Tier List. Remember that tier lists are subjective, and Stands rankings have much to do with player skill, especially in PvP.

Check our YBA codes for freebies for the game and our YBA Trello post for more information on YBA.

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